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Special Project

Special Project
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Brady: United Against Gun Violence

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Brady is committed to addressing a severe public health crisis that plagues our nation: gun violence, now the leading cause of death for children under 19, surpassing even car accidents.

This crisis extends its grasp across our economy, incurring an estimated annual cost of $557 billion through direct expenses and lost productivity. Its pervasive impact affects every facet of our society, disproportionately impacting our most vulnerable citizens. This unrelenting epidemic claims the lives of over 40,000 individuals annually while leaving nearly 80,000 others injured. The specter of gun violence has infiltrated our schools, where children fear even mundane activities, like visiting the bathroom, due to the looming threat of a potential shooter.

Brady's solutions emerge as a unique and essential force in the battle against gun violence, now widely acknowledged as a public health emergency. We truly believe that if individuals take action, not sides, we can end gun violence. While common-sense gun laws remain critical, our efforts transcend legislation. Brady Legal, the Crime Guns Initiative, and End Family Fire actively challenge the unacceptable status quo. Our youth arm, Team ENOUGH, harnesses the energy of the "lockdown" generation, empowering young leaders in this vital movement. 

Throughout our nearly 50-year journey, Brady has been profoundly fortunate to have steadfast supporters, dedicated staff, and visionary leadership. From our pioneering founders to our present leader, Kris Brown, we have consistently stood at the forefront of this movement. Tirelessly, we have dismantled walls of indifference, refuted baseless rhetoric, and fostered critical connections with individuals who, like most Americans, believe that we deserve a society free from the ever-present threat of gun violence.

Strategy and Execution

Brady has achieved several significant milestones in the ongoing battle against gun violence. Here are just some recent accomplishments:

Expanding End Family Fire: Brady extended the scope of its End Family Fire initiative to encompass not only unintentional shootings but also the often-overlooked 65 lives daily we lose due to gun suicides. In the past year, a specific focus was placed on addressing the alarming impact of gun suicides among veterans. The campaign underscores the critical, life-saving importance of swift access prevention when someone contemplates suicide. Brady's ads and video PSAs have reached an astounding 4 billion views, with surveys from the Ad Council indicating that gun owners exposed to the campaign are 300% more likely to seek information on safe firearm storage.

Regulating Ghost Guns: The emergence of ghost guns, unregulated and untraceable firearms, posed a severe threat to public safety. Prohibited individuals could easily purchase ghost gun parts and kits without undergoing a Brady Background Check. However, thanks to a new federal rule regulating ghost guns, more states now possess the tools to safeguard their communities from these dangerous weapons. Grassroots activists, led by Brady California and Team ENOUGH, successfully secured the nation's first bans on ghost guns and related components in various California localities. Simultaneously, Brady activists in New York, Maryland, Washington, and Illinois achieved bans on ghost guns, contributing significantly to public safety.

Common-Sense Gun Legislation: Brady played a pivotal role in advancing a range of common-sense gun bills into law, thanks to the dedication of grassroots activists like Ruth Borenstein, Mattie Scott, and Loren Lieb. These bills include landmark legislation mandating schools to notify parents and guardians about the state's safe firearm storage laws, the product of 12 years of activism. In New Jersey, Brady's efforts contributed to the passage of Governor Murphy's comprehensive gun safety package. Advocates in Delaware successfully passed six life-saving bills, including bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Moreover, in both Delaware and California, Brady played an integral part in enacting groundbreaking laws that empower victims and survivors of gun violence to hold negligent gun manufacturers and dealers accountable in court. These victories are significant as they challenge the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which for years has shielded the gun industry from civil lawsuits. The new laws aim to hold the gun industry accountable and compel it to adopt life-saving reforms.

Supreme Court Advocacy: Brady responded to the Supreme Court's concerning decision in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen. Working alongside the governor of New York, Brady reinforced the state's concealed carry system and established sensitive place restrictions to enhance public safety. In 2023, addressing the repercussions of the Bruen decision will remain a top priority for Brady in several states, including California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Maryland. These state and local triumphs not only serve as a national model for other communities, but also emphasize that substantial progress can be made in addressing gun violence in the absence of federal action.


The United States has grappled with a prolonged public health crisis: On an average day, 321 individuals fall victim to gunshots, with 111 of them losing their lives. These alarming figures should have propelled life-saving policy solutions into action, but congressional progress had been stifled by partisan gridlock for years.

The scourge of gun violence, relentless and horrifying, was not a new narrative in America. Brady joined forces with key partners, including March for Our Lives, the American Federation of Teachers, This Is Our Lane, survivors, advocates for gun violence prevention, and congressional allies, and convened at the Capitol to shed light on the harrowing impact of gun violence on young people nationwide, demanding Senate action.

While universal background checks have yet to become law, a bipartisan coalition of senators led by Senator Chris Murphy heeded our call and toiled to pass the most significant gun violence prevention legislation in nearly 30 years: the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. This legislation treats our nation's gun violence crisis as the multifaceted public health epidemic it truly is.


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