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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Memorial Hermann Resolution™ 2023

Finalist in Multi-Platform Campaign

Silver Honor in Lifestyle & Wellness

Audience Honor in Lifestyle & Wellness

Entered in Branded Content, Integrated Campaign


Memorial Hermann Resolution™ 2023 was a four-week immersive health and wellness campaign designed to initialize and promote a healthy lifestyle to begin the new year. Launched in January of 2023, the campaign carried the tagline "Let's Redefine 'Me' in 2023' and was centered around four tenets or themes for which the campaign content supported:

First launched in in 2019, Resolution™ is an annual campaign that has since amassed over 97,000 participants and offers participants nutritious meal plans with curated grocery lists, virtual workouts, guided meditations, in-person and virtual events, articles and much more, all of which are documented in an easy-to-navigate resource hub. Additionally, participants receive access to weekly wellness podcasts, articles, events and content featuring prominent health and wellness professionals from the greater Houston, Texas area.

In addition to delivering great content, Resolution™ also cultivates a strong sense of community to aid its participants in meeting their personalized wellness goals. Through a closed Facebook group, members are encouraged to provide words of support and motivation with their fellow participants while also sharing their own progress in achieving their wellness milestones.

Strategy and Execution

The strategy behind Memorial Hermann Resolution™ 2023 was to provide participants a roadmap to their health and wellness journey while allowing them to participate at their own pace and comfort level.

Resolution™ delivered an engaging and robust web experience where users could access a multitude of digital assets such as videos, podcasts, PDF downloads, etc. It leveraged promotion via social media, email and digital channels (targeted to the greater Houston, Texas region) to capture participant sign-ups in December 2022 and each new participant was provided a Resolution™ Welcome Kit which acquainted them with the program and provided a guide on what to expect and how to prepare.

Beginning January 1, Memorial Hermann delivered via email the first of four Resolution™ weekly outlines that included full seven-day meal plans for that week, on-demand or scheduled virtual workouts, guided virtual meditations and other resources such as articles and podcasts that supported each weekly theme during the four-week campaign.

We partnered with a local food influencer to curate a collection of delicious recipes and meals plans for all skill levels – each recipe was accompanied by beautifully-captured food photography and a downloadable PDF. In addition to providing meal plans and recipes, we partnered with a large Texas-based grocery store chain to create an integrated shopping experience where participants could add pre-selected ingredients for each weekly meal plan to their online cart.

Our team engaged with local Houston-based fitness partners to create personalized workouts that were recorded and streamed on Facebook using Facebook Premiere on our Memorial Hermann Facebook page. These workouts were later archived in our web-based Resource Hub to view on-demand at our participants’ convenience. These workouts incorporated various physical and mental fitness attributes, includes low- and high-intensity training, dance, Pilates and yoga. In addition to providing these virtual experiences, we hosted in-person workout sessions led by prominent local sports figures and trusted fitness authorities.

Each weekly plan included access to prerecorded virtual guided meditations and opportunities to attend other virtual and in-person events such as dietician-lead grocery store tours and journaling workshops. Each week had an accompanying podcast and written article that all supported the key messages and theme for that week.

One of the most important aspects of Resolution™ was our community engagement. We built an online community so that participants could motivate and inspire to each other while providing them a safe space via a private Resolution™ Facebook group to share their own successes attributed to the program. We kept our audience engaged by publishing compelling content, quizzes and challenges, and we offered weekly giveaways for members of the group. Thanks to our community, we were able to grow the Facebook group to over 6,000 members in 2023!


The main goal of Resolution™ 2023 was to continue to increase participation in the annual program and ultimately drive more consumers to our brand. We were able to exceed our goal to increase participation by 7% from the year prior in 2023 and saw increased performance metrics across the board on all our content-producing channels.

Resolution™ 2023 had over 97,000 participants, an increase of ~10% year-over-year.

Our active private Facebook community increased to over 6,000+ members.

Our supporting web and social content performed exceptionally well:

Following the completion of the campaign, we surveyed our participants to understand how we can continue to evolve the campaign and gauge their personal successes. Some key findings were:

Below are a few comments from program participants about their experience with Resolution™2023:


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