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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Gov Games 2023

Finalist in Multi-Platform Campaign, LinkedIn

Gold Honor in Facebook

Bronze Honor in Special Project

Audience Honor in Facebook

Entered in Branded Content, Community Engagement, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Gender Equality, Government & Politics, Images, Instagram, Interactive Content, Local Campaign, Short Form Video, Sports, TikTok, Twitter, Video


Introducing Gov Games, led by HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum! This dynamic initiative champions sportsmanship, teamwork, and passion while igniting a more vibrant, physically active, and socially connected society. 


Aligned with UAE's ambitions, and achievements to inspire people to come together and work toward one goal., Gov Games unites government employees, communities, and international cities in a spirited celebration of sports. Embracing the One Team, One Spirit ethos, this spirited celebration of sports dares participants to shatter their limits and transcend perceived boundaries, both physically and mentally. By fostering collaboration, Gov Games unites individuals from diverse backgrounds, nurturing their unique talents, and fortifying their collective strength in pursuit of a common goal.


This year's edition introduced the exciting "Battle of the Cities" category, inspiring our concept "Ready to Battle." 


From branding to communication, coverage, and performance monitoring, our 360-campaign aimed to make a lasting impact and ignite motivation in new and relevant ways. 


“Ready to Battle" became the protagonist of our storytelling, spotlighting participating teams' dedication, anticipation, and unwavering ambition. 


Throughout the event, we passionately spotlighted the extraordinary potential of collaboration, resilience, and the cherished values of diversity and tolerance that resonate deeply within the UAE community. With 100+ pieces of content, including videos, Reels, TikToks, Photography, and live event coverage for 4 days, we amplified the Gov Games vision and mission!

Strategy and Execution

We proudly present our campaign, a remarkable achievement that showcased exceptional execution and innovation across five distinct phases. Each phase seamlessly integrated captivating content, social media trends, and a comprehensive communications ecosystem to create an unparalleled experience. 


Phase 1: Pre-Launch - Crafting Anticipation & Unleashing Excitement


We orchestrated a number of content, including registration, countdowns, announcements, qualifications, and awe-inspiring glimpses of teams in action. These planned elements worked in harmony to leave participants and audiences eagerly anticipating what was to come.


Phase 2: Campaign Launch - Igniting the Spark with Teasers & a Hero Video


As the campaign launched, we ignited the spark of anticipation through a crafted series of teasers, capturing imagination with the power of storytelling 


Phase 3: Pre-Finals - Elevating Expectations through Inspirational Content


During the Pre-Finals phase, we elevated expectations to new heights. Inspirational videos stirred the hearts and minds of participants, inspiring them to reach for greatness. And prize announcements left them dreaming of the incredible rewards that awaited their triumphant success.


Phase 4: Finals - A Spectacular Showcase of Talent & Triumph


The Finals phase was the crescendo of our campaign, a spectacle of epic proportions that left no stone unturned. Our event coverage was unparalleled, capturing every electrifying moment with expert precision. Heart-pounding head-to-head battles between cities enthralled audiences, creating an atmosphere of intense rivalry and excitement. The grand award ceremony served as the culmination of dreams and aspirations, as participants and winners basked in their well-deserved glory. Sponsor content seamlessly integrated within the event further enhanced the experience, forging lasting connections between brands and participants. Testimonials from participants, delivered with genuine emotion and passion, added a human touch, cementing the campaign's impact on a personal level.


Phase 5: Embracing Innovation & Social Media Trends

Our proactivity in keeping up with the latest social media trends was the driving force behind every aspect of our campaign, which contributed to a surge in follower growth by 20+%.


Engaging BTS videos provided an exclusive peek into the excitement, bringing our audience closer to the heart of the action. 


Countdowns added an element of thrill, building anticipation to a fever pitch and generating buzz and excitement all around.


Our 4-day live event coverage was a game-changer, delivering an immersive experience, allowing everyone to be part of the action, regardless of their location — captivating our audience and creating a truly impactful experience. 


Overcoming Challenges: Turning Obstacles into Triumphs


Our journey was not without its challenges. Seeking solutions to a short execution timeline tested our mettle, but we responded with ingenuity, agility and resourcefulness. Leveraging the latest digital tools, we accelerated our processes without compromising on quality, delivering exceptional results with unrivaled speed.



Facing last-minute changes, our team's dedication, and flexibility across all 3 cities (Dubai, Cairo & Beirut) ensured we navigated these challenges with finesse and confidence. United as one, quick thinking, innovative problem-solving, and a steadfast commitment, to the campaign's success ultimately led us to success



Tapping into the authenticity of user-generated content, leveraging the influence of prominent personalities, and embracing the latest trends, we captured the hearts and minds of our followers, creating a ripple effect that extended far beyond the digital realm.


The sheer numbers - 6.6 million views, 4.8 million reach, and 18 million impressions - demonstrate the breadth and depth of the impact we made. Through the clever inclusion of UGC, collaboration with public figures, and the utilization of trendy short-format videos, we crafted a social media presence that left a lasting impression on our audience. Our campaign's success heightened the visibility and reputation of the Gov Games and reaffirmed our position as a leading agency in the region.


Video for Gov Games 2023

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SocialEyez, Gov Games


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