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Special Project

Special Project

Building a New Legacy

Entered in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Financial Services


Black, and Latina women remain underserved by the wealth management industry, and are often left behind with heavy financial burdens or lack of information and training. To help address these challenges across the U.S., we launched a content series and local events program targeting affluent Black and Latina women with authentic stories from our clients and advisors and provided investment education and networking through our event series in key markets. 

“Building a New Legacy” is a content series that brings to life female success stories surrounding the emotional journey of wealth building and how barriers are being overcome. Our goal is to authentically engage, empower and support Black & Latina women with stories told through their voices and experiences, and, by extension, get them thinking of J.P. Morgan Wealth Management as a credible and preferred partner for them in their investment journeys. 

Campaign goals:


OUR CHALLENGE: How does J.P. Morgan Wealth Management become an educational resource for Black and Latina Women (who historically shown skepticism towards Financial brands), by embodying a language of trust and credibility for their future?

OUR ROLE:  J.P. Morgan Wealth Management aims to bridge the generational education gap NOT through lessons, BUT through inspiration and evoking aspiration.

OUR STRATEGY: Get affluent Black and Latina women on their own path towards financial freedom to feel J.P. Morgan Wealth Management’s support in their investing journey by not retelling their challenges, but showcasing how the barriers are being overcome.


CREATIVE PURPOSE: Our creative strategy was driven by breaking the narrative of how financial service brands speak about wealth building. In order to amplify the voices and stories of Black and Latina women, our goal was to uncover the raw authenticity of their journey (the good with the bad) by ensuring creative communicated the following key tenets:



ACTIVATION:  We leveraged the power of paid, organic, owned and local events to support the launch and sustain our presence. A combination of short-form video (30s or less) and long-form videos (60s or greater) played a significant role in elevating the stories of the communities we serve.  Whether stories came from clients, JPMWM advisors, or event attendees, they all shared something we all share — a willingness to sacrifice, an ambition for the future, and a belief that today is the day to start building a new legacy. 

Campaign components included:


The campaign finished strong and was well received by Affluent Black and Latina females, outperforming awareness goals:

The campaign outperformed our firm benchmarks and projections., inclusive of a CTR that was 85% higher than our 2023 benchmarks. Leveraging a diverse mix of ad formats and stories drove a lift in Ad Recall and Action/Intent on Instagram, surpassing the financial services benchmark. This included reels, collection ads , in-feed, story ads, sponsored posts and carousels.

This campaign also showed us that human interest stories that are real and authentic lead to higher engagement and website traffic.


Video for Building a New Legacy

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J.P. Morgan Wealth Management


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