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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Wunderman's 12 Days of Gifaways

Finalist in Animated GIFs


Our initial goal was to create a holiday card that people would actually want to open. People get so many emails around the holidays from companies with the same old messaging. So we decided to combine the things people love most—laughter and presents—in the form of a uniquely entertaining promotion: "Wunderman's 12 Days of Gifaways". We found twelve quirky gifts and filmed and produced gifs as clues for each one. Then, we challenged our friends and followers to tweet the answer in order to win the prize.

Immediately, we had people raving about our hilarious "snowbro" and trying to guess the gifts. Over the course of the promotion, our Twitter feed saw a 400% increase in impressions, while visitors from 33 countries came back to our site back time and again to submit their answers. "Wunderman's 12 Days of Gifaways" was a hit and we're hoping that if we're good this year, our snowbro will grace our halls again.

Strategy and Execution

"Wunderman's 12 Days of Gifaways" was a different answer to a common problem. Getting people to open, let alone return day-after-day to, a company holiday card is a feat. Nevertheless, we took on that challenge with pride. We scoured the internet looking for weird and fun gifts, convinced a grown man to wear a unitard, and filmed and cut twelve hilariously entertaining gifs. Thanks to our efforts, we received a 400% surge in Twitter impressions and engaged with people around the world, all in the spirit of holidays.

If that's not reason enough, the guy who put on the completely encompassing, tight, very sheer, barely breathable, unitard would like us to add that he believes an adult male wearing this contraption should be more-than-sufficient grounds for winning.


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Wunderman Los Angeles


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