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Warning: Our Passion for Health is Contagious

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Healthy living doesn't have to be hard! With a stream of tips, tools, recipes, inspirational stories and interactive activities to keep customers motivated and connected, has created a social support network that makes the ride smoother for those on the road to wellness.

Since 1994, has been offering quality natural products to an increasingly health-conscious world. As interest in eating better, living green and making healthier choices continues to grow, so does the excitement for sharing the journey—and the results! social media campaigns not only give health seekers the information they crave but also let them connect with others to showcase their cooking creations, weight loss successes, healthy hacks and more.

Basket-stuffed giveaways, chuckle-triggering quizzes and a new VIP customer-feedback community are just a few of the exciting, interactive creations of the social media team in 2014. We strive to make living a healthier life not just easier—but fun and fulfilling, too!

Strategy and Execution

Going to the doctor? Not fun. Eating a plate of Brussels sprouts? Not fun. Learning how to treat your body right, make good-for-you foods taste great and meet people interested in doing the same? Now we're talkin'! social media is all about educating, inspiring and connecting people with a passion for natural health. What began as a vitamin catalog in 1994 has grown to be a leading online retailer of healthy-living essentials, now offering over 45,000 products from 2,500+ trusted natural brands. We strive to bring our customers the best in vitamins and supplements, organic and non-GMO foods, natural beauty must-haves, baby supplies, pet essentials, green-cleaning products and more.

And through a variety of ever-evolving social media and content efforts, we do so much more than sell. We spread knowledge. We light fires! We give fans the opportunity to share their personal stories, learn from each other and keep the excitement about living a better life (and helping the planet!) going strong.

Our brand bubbles in each and every single post across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and our Health Bites ( blog. Besides offering informative, engaging content daily, we're on top of taking care of our fans' needs. In fact, we were recognized as the fastest top-100 retailer at responding to shoppers on social media by the Internet Retailer-exclusive Conversocial Index – with a 97-second average response time on Twitter – in September 2014. Can you tell that we care?

How do we do it? Here are our top three favorite ways:

Our Facebook page – with a steadily climbing 265,000 followers – is a thriving community with a constant flow of content and dedicated customer support. In addition to regularly featuring healthy recipes, infographics, blog posts and other engaging material, we offer quirky quizzes and product giveaways regularly to create a fun, interactive experience while also supporting customer sales. This year, created VitaVoice, an exclusive community where devoted fans can express opinions and get answers from knowledgeable staff and from one another. Over 60,000 new followers hopped on board in 2014, and we've got big plans for 2015 to welcome even more.

Oh, Instagram! Here, fans get the chance to be center stage—and to really shine. Peek at our feed and you'll see dazzling images from customer hauls ("Look at the awesome stuff I bought at!") to scrumptious smoothies, vegan cakes and other tasty treats made from the vast variety of products we sell. With the help of over 30 influential brand ambassadors (from all walks of the natural-health life: sports/fitness, beauty, gluten-free lifestyle, etc.), we're able to cater content that appeals to all. In a single year, we've generated over 10,000 #Vitacost tags and gained over 45,000 followers. W00t!

Health Bites, the blog, is our hub for know-how. With fresh content from 60 contributors and health-savvy staff writers published five or more times daily, customers can come here to learn the difference between chia and hemp seeds, how to make DIY green cleaners or what to serve a Paleo houseguest for breakfast. Recipes, how-tos and info from experts (including health coaches, a naturopathic physician, diet experts and more) are available 24-7 to educate, entertain and inspire. Want to try something you learned about? A click and add-to-cart feature gives readers the option to purchase items mentioned in posts, whether it's a new natural mascara or every ingredient in a dairy-free cookie recipe. Our blog content is the vehicle that drives our message and can be found woven throughout all of our social media channels, as well as in promotional emails and on product pages.

They say health is wealth—and it's our mission to make the fortune available for all. Without social media, our shout-out to share would be a mere whisper. Thanks to the streaming ideas, creative abilities and natural health interests of our socially-savvy, content-obsessed team – the voice continues to grow louder and stronger every day. Come check out – and start cashing in!


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