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From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

#ViacomSaysNoMore Social Media Takeover

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On December 15, 2014, Viacom and its brands leveraged their massive social media following to lead the conversation around the NO MORE movement to help put an end to the silence and stigma around domestic violence and sexual assault in partnership with the Joyful Heart Foundation. Viacom, Viacommunity, MTV, VH1, Spike, CMT, Comedy Central, TV Land, and BET all came together for the first ever "social media roadblock" in which Viacom's brands simultaneously engaged their diverse fans by posting about the issue midday on December 15th. The result was over 4,000 #NoMore posts across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+. The channels posted about the difficulty of openly discussing these issues and included a link to a Viacom Velocity and Joyful heart-produced NO MORE PSA entitled "SPEECHLESS," featuring Viacom talent emotional and at a loss for words to broach the issues of abuse and assault ( The spot was directed by Joyful Heart Foundation's Founder Mariska Hargitay. Each channel included a customized NO MORE hashtag, such as #ViacomSaysNoMore, #MTVSaysNoMore, VH1SaysNoMore, etc. The PSA shared on Viacom's Facebook accounts alone generated over half a million video views in that single day. Overall, Viacom helped deliver more than 28MM impressions during its #ViacomSaysNoMore social media roadblock.

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#ViacomSaysNoMore aimed to stop the silence and start the conversation. Viacom's first social media roadblock of its kind brought together a diverse portfolio of brands to bring these issues front and center to a wide range of followers. The result was over 4,000 #NoMore posts across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ and 28MM impressions. In addition to the strategy and implementation, #ViacomSaysNoMore's success was also driven by the impactful creative of the Viacom Velocity and Joyful Heart Foundation-produced SPEECHLESS PSAs, directed by Mariska Hargitay. In the spot, celebrities are left emotional and speechless as they try to film, demonstrating the difficulty of talking about issues such as domestic violence and sexual assault. The combination of the timeliness of the issue, the strategy of the campaign and the creative behind the spots all contribute to the strength and success of #ViacomSaysNoMore.


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Viacommunity, Viacom Velocity, The Joyful Heart Foundation, NO MORE


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