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Twin Pickings #BetterTogether

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Jacob's Creek Twin Pickings was launched in 2013 to recruit our future generation of wine drinkers, a key focus for Jacob's Creek. At launch we significantly invested behind a TVC, driving short term awareness but failing to explain the product benefit and connect with the target consumer (young females) in a meaningful way.

In year 2 we needed to cut through the clutter, driving significant awareness and explain the product benefit (traditional wine varietals with a dash of moscato to product a more palatable wine) to a young female audience who find wine daunting and confusing.

To do this we drew a parallel to friendships, where 2 are better together than apart, we partnered with Facebook to call on all Australian girls to share what makes them better together on Jacob's Creek Twin Pickings #bettertogether Facebook page, rewarding the most inspiring and creative content with memorabilia.

Consumer Journey:

1. Invitation - Seeding studio posts into facebook news feeds of 20-34yo females with paid media to gather content, asking to tag, share who they are better with and why

2. Content Generation - Gathering consumer #bettertogether content and amplifying reach & engagement through creation of relevant, topical and personal arwtork

3. Rewarding Most Engaged Fans -through producing memorabilia pieces with their personalized art

4. Consumer Promotion - encouraging our fans to tell us about their #bettertogether stories, through video and photos (winner receives a trip to NYC for 2)

Strategy and Execution

The campaign demonstrated an innovative way to drive brand message and advocacy through social content created in collaboration with consumers. The personalized art images created daily in real time with consumer participation, rewarding social conversation about brand experience.

With limited funds and assets, the bespoke #bettertogether studio with copywriters and artists was set up to create instantly hundreds of personalised, shareable, digital art images out of submitted/shared consumer content, rewarding social conversation about JC Twin Pickings and friendships.

Within days, Jacob's Creek Twin Pickings campaign #bettertogether went viral, inspiring creation of consumer-centric, shareable and fun content, used as a metaphor for JC Twin Pickings, explaining product benefit in a personally relatable and engaging way.

End result product was the largest, most engaging and innovative Facebook activity ever done by a wine company globally, achieving:

* Reach of 2.1 million 20-34yo females in Australia (70% of the total population) at a frequency of 9

* Delivering deeper engagement with 410,000 of them through comments, shares, tagging and 212k video views+

* Significant shifts in ad recall (from 7% to 28%), brand relevance (from 20% to 27%), and consideration (from 15% to 18%) - all which were well above global alcohol industry norms from previous Facebook campaigns

* Leveraged ATL support to secure in-store promotion, driving +146% volume growth vs. YA (MAT to 31/12/14)

+Video views were on consumer generated content, a 1.4min video where they are talking to the product benefit and how the friends are #BetterTogether


Video for Twin Pickings #BetterTogether

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Jacob's Creek & Vizeum


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