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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

TheStreet Social Media

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TheStreet's social media presence is designed to bring all of the latest investing ideas (via stories and videos from its team of reporters, analysts and contributing Wall Street pros) straight to its audience in real time. Coverage spans daily news pertaining to financial markets, the economy, industry trends, investment and financial planning.

Our strategy is to get the right news to the right followers by tweeting out the best stories to our main handle, @thestreet, and then getting more specific stories out to targeted audiences through niche handles to create a better user experience.

Strategy and Execution

-TheStreet has nearly doubled audience size on main handle with a shift to organic, engagement driven strategy and fewer posts. We are constantly adjusting the social schedule to meet content and audience needs.

-Our audience is still relatively small, but targeted to our content: domestic small investor news. Small band of loyal followers!

-We have implemented a new distribution strategy: instead of posting all our content on @thestreet (we used to do this), we only post best content on @thestreet and content that's particular to a small audience goes up on niche handles — better visibility for all our content, and better user experience (UX).

-Our main handle is hand curated, conversational, relevant to news cycle & trending topics.

-Each handle has unique posting schedule to best suit each specific audience and offers unique content.

-We are focused on tweeting multimedia rich content including photos to accompany tweets, quote cards, etc. It is more engaging content which creates a better user experience and more engagement seen through increases in retweets, favorites and likes every month.

-Created $TST 'Web' on TWTR --> & other lists. Online communication between @verticals, @thedealnewsroom, @mainstr & @thestreet has made our network of handles more engaging! This interaction grows each account and keeps our social media actually social. TWTR recently rewarded us by verifying @thestreettv, @thestreettech and @tstbiotech.

-Newsroom more engaged/active on twitter:

-We use lists to in keep touch with alumni ( and interns (

-We've made our brand presence cleaner and more consistent by deleting out of style handles, growing old but still relevant handles, and establishing new niche handles for main verticals.


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TheStreet Social Media Team


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