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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

The Instagram Activated #DoritosCannon

Finalist in IRL Activation


Every year, the streets of Copenhagen are flooded with 80.000+ eager music enthusiasts participating in Distortion Festival. Distortion Festival is a week of partying and 'orchestrated mayhem' for the masses.

Doritos challenged Patchwork to come up with a sampling mechanic during the festival that would drive high levels of sampling and create positive word of mouth both online and offline. Enter the 'Instagram Activated Doritos Cannon!'

The idea was to build a huge cannon that would launch bags of Doritos sample bags into the hungry crowds. Special effects engineers were enlisted to build the Doritos cannon. It took them days and nights, and countless hours of hard work to build the Doritos cannon, a cannon shaped like a Gatling gun. The firepower was the hashtag #doritoscannon. Festival participants had to take pictures via Instagram, and hashtag them #doritoscannon. Then, when enough hashtags had been created, the Doritos cannon would launch 60 bags of Doritos bags 80 feet into the air!

The outcome was fantastic. The concept worked seamlessly in the Distortion festival surroundings and created amazing word of mouth in the streets and in social media where the campaign created over 2.9 million campaign impressions, over 10.710 video views in just one day, and hundreds of user generated images, reaching over 22.000 unique users!

All in all the campaign generated an equivalent media value of over €65.000!

Strategy and Execution

The Instagram Activated Doritos Cannon was a huge success as it delivered on the objectives set and the fact that is was really fun to create and execute just adds to its success!

The Doritos Cannon blended into the madness of the festival, because the idea itself was innovative and off the wall. Festivalgoers wanted to be a part of the Doritos Cannon as part of Distortion Festival, not as part of a Doritos promotion.

-4.000+ Doritos bags sampled

-2.972.000 campaign impressions in one day

-Over 40.710 video views in just one day

-Hundreds of user generated images, reaching over 22.000 unique users on Instagram!

-All in all the campaign generated an equivalent media value of over €65.000!

-News-worthy sampling idea

-Tens of thousands of Distortion festival participants

-4 days of music in the streets of Copenhagen

-Doritos was an integrated part of the music festival, creating a strong association with the fun, out-going, and trendy feel of Distortion

-Fun interactive sampling idea creating positive word of mouth on social media


Video for The Instagram Activated #DoritosCannon

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Patchwork Group


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