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#AprendizCelebridades (The Celebrity Apprentice Brazil), 1st edition

Entered in Hashtag


The first edition of The Celebrity Apprentice (Aprendiz Celebridades) in Brazil outstands itself for the heavy and smart usage of Twitter, and the strong interaction with the second screen. Through the #AprendizCelebridades hashtag, Twitter users became a "virtual counselor" and could advice on eliminations; comment the show and had their tweets shown on screen and on the official hotsite; make questions directly at the conference room, to the contestants; and even, in the final episode, choose their favorite to be crowned as the Apprentice - a decision that was listened by the show's host and made as much difference as the other counselors' opinions.

A list of the most commented contestants on Twitter was shown on the official hotsite, besides the "virtual counselor" timeline feed. A live twitting on the show's official Twitter account interacted with the users, with memes, humor and exclusive Vine videos (like the host saying "you're fired" to the Twitter users). It wasn't a show about Twitter, but certainly was way richer with it. We aimed to make it extremely interactive, and it was, in fact. This generated a lot of trending topics, thousands and thousands of mentions and placed Aprendiz Celebridades amongst the most commented TV shows in Brazil.

Strategy and Execution

All the Aprendiz Celebridades' strategy revolved around a hashtag, #AprendizCelebridades. By using it, the Twitter users had access to everything. For starters, Roberto Justus, the businessman that played the role of Donald Trump and conducted the show, was advised by a "virtual counselor" - the sum of Twitter users' opinions.

They could advise him on eliminations and make questions to the contestants, as if they were sitting on the same table as him and the other counselors. At the final episode, the Twitter's choice to be crowned as the Apprentice even won a car – and, in the end, he wasn't the show's host choice and did not win the competition anyway. A streaming show, internet exclusive, was run before that final episode, with a social chat room boosted only by the #AprendizCelebridades hashtag. Besides, they could comment the show and have their tweets shown on screen and displayed on the official hotsite, where the best ones were part of the "virtual counselor" timeline feed.

The TV prompted the #AprendizCelebridades hashtag and "call to action"-style content, and the mechanics were explained regularly, to stimulate the interaction. A live tweeting, by the show's official Twitter account, @AprendizRecord, followed the airing time with memes, a lot of humor and a good usage of Vine (with the show's host, Justus, sending messages on Vine to the users, celebrating trending topics and stuff like that). We even gave specific responses to influencers that commented on the show using the hashtag, with personalized messages and images using their Twitter handles. And publishing, on @AprendizRecord, making off and backstage content.

Always using the #AprendizCelebridades hashtag. A characteristic that made Aprendiz Celebridades a real strong one when it comes to Twitter interaction and reinforcement of the brand using the hashtag.


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Portal R7 - Rede Record


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