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TakePart Action Platform (TAP)

Entered in Most Creative Use of Technology


The TakePart Action Platform (TAP) programmatically matches socially-relevant content to a curated collection of meaningful actions, and allows users to promote and keep track of their impact. Using TAP's plug-and-play widgets, any digital publisher can provide their users with multiple paths to action without a heavy technical lift.

TAP addresses several unmet needs:

-Reduces the distance between getting inspired by content and getting involved in related causes

-Offers a range of different action types (e.g. petitions, personal pledges, donations to charity, learning more) to generate engagement across a range of cause involvement

-Leverages Participant Media's campaign expertise and relationships with nonprofits, so consumers can trust that all actions in TAP are legitimate and effective

-Incentivizes users to promote their action engagement by tracking how effective they are at rallying their social networks to get involved

-Nonprofits can attract qualified leads at no cost

-Provides brands with tools to engage users on the issues they care about

TAP works with over 100 leading nonprofits and will drive 5 million actions in 2014. In addition to our core site,, TAP has been implemented on The Daily Beast and Mashable.

Strategy and Execution

The TakePart Action Platform (TAP) is a unique offering in the social activism space. TakePart has developed a proprietary, patent-pending technology that scans the content of a webpage and matches it to relevant actions. This allows digital publishers to insert TAP's widgets into their content templates without the hassle of identifying which action best fits with each article on their sites. Additionally, as some actions are timely, TAP's software will update automatically to ensure the most relevant, timely action appears at all times. Lastly, TAP can quickly deploy meaningful actions in time of crisis, so publishers can contribute to relief efforts in real time.

TAP's 500,000+ users have contributed to many legislative changes and other areas of social progress, including:

Entrant Company / Organization Name

TakePart, the digital division of Participant Media