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Sprout Social + Spotify Play a New Soundtrack on Team Collaboration, Social Analytics

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Spotify's marketing team is responsible for social media scattered across four continents and manages more than 50 social media profiles. Until recently, the team utilized multiple, disparate platforms to manage their networks - resulting in inefficiencies in their workflow and overall strategy. After tiring of cumbersome tools, the Spotify team wanted a solution to streamline their entire operation, foster collaboration and provide analytics to inform their social strategy. Enter Sprout Social. Spotify's partnership with Sprout Social provides them with the tools they need to effectively manage their global social presence.

Strategy and Execution


A leader in the global music industry, Spotify serves more than 40 millions active users every month. As a result, their social team tracks over 1.6 million inbound messages monthly across their 50+ profiles. In the past, Spotify had relied on a variety of social tools serving various purposes - publishing, reporting and the like - and needed a centralized way to consolidate their social efforts into one simple, intuitive platform that could easily be utilized by team members around the world. In order to meet this need for an all-in-one solution, the Spotify team enlisted the help of Sprout Social to manage and measure their social presence across their numerous social profiles worldwide.

Key Features

Sprout provided the Spotify team with a comprehensive solution that was simple enough to implement across their global team, yet sophisticated enough to systematically organize their numerous social profiles. Prior to using Sprout, the team was relying on scattered metrics from various tools, with no universal measurement system in place. With the adoption of Sprout, Spotify was able to standardize their analytics and identify profiles and tactics that resonated well with their global audiences. Additionally, the Spotify team utilized Sprout to track messages, providing increased insight into which of those messages warranted responses. With team members in various parts of the world, it was important to the Spotify team to implement a platform that fosters seamless team collaboration, and Sprout was designed with that aspect in mind. With Sprout, the Spotify team could pick up where the last person left off - regardless of geography or time zone - and ensured that any given message wasn't receiving multiple responses. Using Sprout established a consistent social voice for the Spotify brand that is carried through all social channels and resonates with global customers.


Spotify's social team spans across four countries, and together manages the brand's 54 social profiles. Every month, Spotify relies on Sprout to track 1.5 million Facebook messages from 5.46 million fans across 29 brand pages, and 100,000 messages from their 1.02 million Twitter followers across 25 Twitter profiles. Despite working together across time zones and combing through a consistent stream of inbound messages, Sprout enables the Spotify team to collaborate and streamline their social efforts worldwide.


Using Sprout's Smart Inbox, Spotify tracked more than 1.6 million social messages/month, increasing the team's insight into which of those messages require a response. Additionally, Sprout consolidated management of more than 50 social profiles into one comprehensive platform, as opposed to the multiple tools the team was using previously. Sprout enabled senior leadership and social team members to see snapshots of all social media activity and metrics in one platform. After using Sprout's analytics to identify that certain social profiles did not resonate with customers, the team was able to reallocate funds to higher-performing profiles and support and replicate their best efforts.

Why we should win

A powerhouse in the global music industry, Spotify boasts tens of millions of users in over 50 countries. In order to serve their significant customer base, the company relies on Sprout to field, manage and consolidate their inbound messages in order to seamlessly manage their social community of millions. With robust reporting, publishing and engagement capabilities, Sprout has provided the Spotify team with a social management tool that fits their needs of simple and intuitive for training their global team, yet advanced and reliable enough to efficiently engage their massive social following.


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Sprout Social, Spotify