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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

@Skittles: The Official Tweeter of Awesomeness

Finalist in Twitter


Oh hey, no big deal, just the Rainbow here respectfully submitting my Skittles Twitter account for a SHORTY AWARD YAY!! Sorry, I get a little excited, but SERIOUSLY. I have the BEST REASONS you should hook my profile - better known in the Twitterverse as @Skittles - up with one of your Shorty Awards. Reasons like being the most influential candy brand on Twitter, generating over 22MM impressions and gaining 100K followers in 2014, and getting kudos across the web for the one-and-only voice of the Rainbow... Read on!

Strategy and Execution

So what's @Skittles all about? All The Best Things! Like Skittles, robots, lasers, why you should give me your Skittles, and Skittles. I've also been known to share lifestyle tips, important science facts, weather forecasts, and surveys that maybe accidentally resemble retweet-mooching but totally aren't.

But really, it's never just about what you tweet, right? It's about who you tweet to, how they tweet back, and how you tweet back to them tweeting back. That's why I take time nearly every day to acknowledge and respond to people who share their thoughts with me. Making people happy makes it all worthwhile. (Well, that and the free Skittles I get for being the Rainbow.) I also use Twitter for cyber-hobnobbing with celebs who express their love for Skittles.

But where I really broke out big in 2014? The moment where I really scored the title of - and this is me being modest, really - THE MOST FAMOUS RAINBOW ALIVE? That was when I live-tweeted Super Bowl XLVIII and celebrated the accomplishments of Skittles super-fan Marshawn Lynch. Twitter itself singled out my "All about that Rainbow, Boss" tweet as one of the highlights of the night. CBS Sports shouted out @Skittles in its #Brandbowl roundup. Buzzfeed included me in its Most Notable Brand Tweets From 2014's Big Game. Fox Sports even hooked me up with their first ever First Annual Skittles Award for Excellence In Advertising. There's an award named after me! And for the kicker, friends, for real, check this out: my tweets helped Skittles become the number five most talked-about food and beverage brand during the game -- and I didn't even have a TV commercial during the game in 2014.

Okay so that's HOW I do what I do, but the next question - as I always ask the squirrels who've been trying to guess the combination to my Skittles-safe for years - is "Is it working?" Well, my friends, I can assure you that it's totally working. Skittles dominates candy brands on Twitter. I earned kudos in publications that ranged from Tech Republic to Food Dive. My tweets generated 22MM impressions last year. And I rocked a 100,000+ follower growth in 2014. That's just shy of 100% growth! @Skittles has doubled followers nearly every year without spending any money on follower growth.

So that's how I roll on Twitter, ladies and gentlemen of the Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences. Whether I'm live-tweeting the biggest show of the year, engaging celebrities, showing respect to my fans, or sharing my deep Rainbow insight, my goal is to spread the Skittles love as far and wide as I can on Twitter. I hope you'll keep me in mind for this Shorty Award. Winning would be like getting a giant goblet full of Skittles delivered by dancing kittens.


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