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Skittles Facebook Page

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Oh hi, Shorty Awards! I didn't see you over there admiring me. I mean, I can't blame you. I am the Rainbow: beagle-scout, two-time winner of the No-Weight Zero-Gravity-Wrestling Championship Belt, and official voice of Skittles on Facebook! I get it all the time.

I'm here to tell you why the Skittles Facebook Page should win a Shorty Award. Short version? My page is a one-stop-shop for Skittles awesomeness that reaches millions of people every day. Long version? Buckle your seatbelt. No, seriously, buckle it. Safety first. Then read on.

Strategy and Execution

My goal is to post the coolest stuff. Not some of the coolest stuff - that's what those other pages do - ALL of it. Hey, I know what you're on Facebook for: you want to see your friends, your family, and funny pictures of hedgehogs. If the Rainbow's gonna stand out with that kind of competition, I need to come at you with stuff you're gonna be delighted to see.

I come at you with hard-hitting news announcements about how Skittles makes gameday awesomer and the #18 Skittles Toyota. I celebrate things that Skittles fans love: Skittles, important questions about Skittles, and celebrities who lift Skittles. Every time I post I drop some premium Rainbow wisdom.

I come at you with my Skittles BFF. And where do I find my BFFs, you ask? Wrong question, my friend: they find ME. People love posting their Skittles selfies to my page, so every week I check out the new faces and select my new Best Friend Forever (for a week)!!! I reward my fans, so that's why they keep introducing themselves to me.

I come at you with fun size content that brings to life Skittles commercials in awesome new ways. Remember Freddy, the amazing Skittles Cloud that rained Skittles? Have you ever seen anything so rad in your life? Well, needless to say, I went out and got my own right away, and immediately started doing the stuff all pet owners do on the internet: posting pics of where I got my Skittles cloud, inviting my friends to name it, and posting photos of its shenanigans. I also adapted some of the internet's most beloved pet memes.

My Skittles Facebook page boasts 26MM fans globally (and I've talked to it about boasting but what can you do), and 12MM of those are in the United States. Now that puts Skittles in the top 10 Facebook brands in the US, but I make sure to share the Rainbow goodness with the whole world. I work with my terrestrial team to share posts with more than 200 countries around the world. Countries re-use, re-purpose, and translate my content: it doesn't get any more Rainbow-tastic or cost-effective than that.

Does it work? Let's go to the numbers: 12MM US fans and 26MM fans globally -- and the Rainbow doesn't pay for fans. My US posts generated 271MM impressions in 2014. I reach millions of people every month, despite the fact that it's harder than ever to get people's attention on Facebook.

Here's how dedicated my fans are: in November 2011, I posed the question, "A lot of you will try to be first to comment on this post, but which of you Rainbros will be the last?" My tireless, possibly even slightly worrying fans have generated over 32,000 comments on that post over the past three years, and it's still going strong. I've got people who go out of their way to return to that thread every day to try and be last person to comment. So I make a point of celebrating it every year… by egging them on! I won't rest until most of Facebook is on this one thread, and neither will my Skittles fans!

So what else can I say? Only this: my strong professional recommendation, reached after much reflection and meditation and Skittles eating, is that you make it rain Shorty Awards on the Skittles Facebook page.


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