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Special Project

Special Project
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Plum Organics® on Facebook

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We may be the nation's leading organic baby food brand, but the 240,000+ Plum Parents on our Facebook page want more than healthy baby food. They want to connect with other parents, share their experiences and indulge in the delight & chaos of raising a family. That's why what we've created isn't just a marketing platform; It's it's a lifestyle forum for parents to laugh and learn about the wonderful (and not-so wonderful) experiences of parenting. We engage, educate and inspire our parents with recipes, antidotes and helpful information. But most importantly we learn from them. And their precious little people we're responsible for feeding.

Parenting is an always-on, full time job, and so we know that our Facebook content strategy needs to work the same way. With both real-time engagement and serialized content, we stay attuned to what everyone's talking about on and off the web, and we take part in it.

That's why we have the most loyal Facebook fan base of any baby food out there. We've reached nearly 100 million Facebook moms over the last two years alone – a huge number for a small company. In fact, our market share on social media is more than double our market share at retail, and we have the highest overall influence score of anybody (higher than both Gerber and Enfamil). With our Facebook support we've become a top ten company in Social Currency on the Inc 500 and we're driving 60% of growth in our category.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Plum's products are organic and inventive, so we make sure our creative comes to life the same way. It's the combination of one-of-a-kind food recipes and one-of-a-kind Facebook work that's behind our impressive market growth. (Over 5 times the market growth of every other organic baby food brands combined!). The team cooks up ideas and visuals from scratch, starting with the ingredients. We have a series of Facebook serials that we use in rotation to cover a wide variety of engagement points.

Highlight Plum's Real Ingredients: Using a combination of custom photography, hand illustration and a dash of culinary flair, we feature Plum's organic ingredients coupled with fun facts and adventurous feeding tips to establish the brand's food-forward philosophy. By featuring real, whole food in natural settings we can reinforce the simplicity of our products in a visually appealing and playful way.

Recipe Videos: Facebook's autoplay video functionality is an important part of our visual storytelling. It means that on a mobile scroll the recipe videos we post will start playing automatically, so we're sure to keep each step in our recipes visual, enticing and simple. The culinary-inspired mix-ins feature ingredients and spices designed to epand baby's taste spectrum in an easy 3-step process. (Ex: Cumin, blueberries, parmesan, avocado, etc.) And we're not only engaging our audience, but creating a resource for Plum Parents (and any parents) right in our Facebook video album. A resource totally exclusive to Plum.

Relatable Moments: Here's where we can speak directly to the experience of parenting while also creating memorable memes that all parents relate to. The humor and personal nature resonates with our fans. Every time they share our posts, our reach multiplies to the friends of advocates we want to speak to. Our success on Facebook has come not just by speaking about our products and promotions, but also by genuinely being a parenting partner who 'gets it.' It's why Loud Door ranks our social influence number one, stronger than the biggest guys in the market.

Fan Recognition: Even more important than our food are the amazing little ones we feed. That's why we feature a Baby of the Week from hundreds of fan submissions on our Facebook timeline. Because the greatest, most amazing, most fantastic people on the planet are babies and we owe them big time. We at Plum are so starry-eyed over little ones, we work hard every day to make them as happy as they make us. So we keep all our parents engaged and sharing the shots of their beautiful little ones. With outreach like this, our Plum Parents know the Plum brand isn't just another company in the big baby food market; we're a supportive part of their little family.

Engagement Drivers: Parent Polls utilize text-only engagement to gage simple responses with our parents. Short and sweet, we engage with our Plum Parents to get thoughts and opinions on the most important part of what we do: parenting.

Our dense calendar of serials make sure that our fans are seeing fresh, useful content that's familiar enough to feel like home. Because we're a lifestyle brand, and our Plum Parents are not of singular interest. The variety allows us to show all aspects of our brand, while engaging all the sensibilities of our parents. Our posts help them share the message, engage with it, and sparks their own thoughts and imaginations around it. On a one-on-one basis, we use each post to support our ultimate brand promise: feed amazing.

The metrics behind our efforts speak to their success. We're the most influential brand in our market. We have a social currency as high as the internet's most powerful voices. We've averaged nearly 50 million parents reached annually on our Facebook channel alone. Our Klout score is in the top fifth of all social users (not just brands.) And over 70% of new users reached through past Facebook campaigns have opted into our Plum Club, making our Facebook channel a garden for new growth – a garden where a quarter million moms and dads are taking part in our Feed Amazing movement, everyday.


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Plum Organics® and Something Massive


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