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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

@midnight #HashtagWars

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@midnight is more than a late night game show, it is an immersive 24/7 experience that is constantly redefining interactive entertainment. @midnight's signature game, #HashtagWars, has taken the world by storm. The game starts on television, and within minutes is the number one worldwide trend on twitter. Not sometimes, but every single night. @midnight isn't just as a television show with some social accounts, but a truly interactive program that lets the fans play along and recognizes them for their participation.

Strategy and Execution

Every night Monday through Thursday, a phenomenon happens. A hashtag starts trending, out of nowhere only minutes after being released into the digital jungle that is Twitter. Similar to a hashtag the night before, and the night before that, it grows at an exponential rate. At 11:30 it's a mere cub, but quickly it grows into a beast, trending worldwide and feasting off of thousands of tweets which the Twittersphere has been yearning to feed it Within a half hour of its introduction, seemingly out of nowhere, the once gentle hashtag is now the number one worldwide trend. Rinse and repeat, it's about to happen again tomorrow.

That's the phenomenon of #HashtagWars – the signature game of @midnight. It does indeed trend worldwide nightly, at the number one slot more times than not, sometimes well into the next day. Unlike most other hashtags, you'll also find it across a variety of platforms, with fans playing along on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, and Vine. Fans use those platforms to go beyond the 140 characters of Twitter, where they create multimedia based off the hashtag, from fan art to viewer videos. Brands also pick up hashtags as marketing tools, celebrities use them to join the conversation, and all because @midnight kicked it off.

At their core, Hashtags are simply a way to spark, evolve, or join a conversation. And that's what @midnight does, every night, one hashtag at a time. Something topical that day is turned into a hashtag, and once tweeted, it takes off faster than a rocket to the moon.

After the game begins to slow down, it's brought back to life when @midnight releases their Top-10 selections on Tumblr and on the @midnight website. It all comes to a head back where it all began, on television, when the winning tweet is shown just as the next hashtag is announced.

@midnight #HashtagWars is truly changing the way that people consume and also participate with television, one hashtag and one night at a time.



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Comedy Central, Funny or Die, Serious Business, Nerdist Industries, Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Garant Lennon Productions


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