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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Mashable Instagram

Silver Honor in Instagram


Mashable's Instagram account brings the best of Mashable's visual content to its active audience of social super-sharers. From breaking news and cityscapes to live events and cute animals, engaging our community with useful, inspiring and beautiful content is Mashable's number one priority.

Strategy and Execution

Instagram is one of Mashable's most active and growing community platforms. With over 111k followers, Mashable's Instagram account continues to be an integral part of the brand's vast social presence. Mashable's goal on Instagram is to engage its audience, both online and offline, in visually stimulating ways that inspire, inform and entertain.

Mashable uses Instagram as a portal to highlight global news, celebrate live events, share photos from accounts it admires, bring attention to new artists and social influencers, and recognize its followers both online and offline. Consistency on Instagram is key: Mashable posts fresh content to its account 1-2 a day and always maintains a wide variety of subject matter within its steady stream of vibrant images. Mashable's tone is inspiring and upbeat, and it prioritizes both informative and entertaining content. From artistic and beautifully edited shots to candid behind-the-scenes posts, Mashable's account has it all.

In 2014, Mashable hit a major milestone with the passing of 110,000 followers, an increase of over 60% from December 2013's follower count of 67,000. Mashable's strong and steady audience growth over the past year is a clear sign of the success of its content strategy. Mashable's posts average over 1,325 likes and nearly 50 comments a piece, with its most successful image, Budi the Orangutan, garnering over 3,000 likes and over 500 comments in January 2015.

Community Engagement

Each week Mashable turns the tables and highlights an Instagram account it loves using the hashtag #FollowerFriday. The weekly tradition began as a way of recognizing followers while making the Instagram experience more interactive. Featured accounts range from street artists and graphic illustrators to travel photographers and engineers. By highlighting its audience's original work, Mashable gives its community the attention and awareness that its beautifully crafted accounts deserve.

Mashable also holds community photo challenges to recognize its audience on a regular basis. Photo Challenges, often hosted by Instagram Influencers such as Jose Silva, William Joos, Can Ahtam and Chris Cody, prompt our community to share photos around a particular theme -- like composing an edible still life, the last hour of light before sunset, or a minimalist photo, to name a few. Using the hashtag #MashPics, Instagramers from around the globe enter their unique submissions. After sorting through hundreds of entries, Mashable publishes a roundup on featuring its favorite snaps of the week.

In December, 2014 Mashable's call to action post for the #Saturation challenge prompted over 1800 likes and its Street Dreams #MashStreet challenge, hosted by the Street Dreams Team, including Seven Irby and Dave Krugman, resulted in over 4,000 photo submissions. Winners of the #MashStreet challenge were featured in a print copy of Street Dreams Issue 005. Community challenges are a fun way to engage the Instagram community, expose the Mashable audience to new accounts, and help to create more content on the platform for all to enjoy.

Mashable aims to not just engage its followers online, but to truly build an interactive community "IRL." In 2014, Mashable launched its #MashMeet event series. MashMeets are offline events that bring both expert and novice photographers alike to a visually rich environment with dedicated time to shoot, edit, post and connect with other Insta-fanatics. In November 2014, Mashable held its most successful event at Luna Park, the amusement park in New York City's Coney Island. Along with Street Dreams Magazine, Mashable invited its audience to come together for a day of photography and fun. The empty park was the perfect backdrop for Mashable's creative Instagram audience. Over 200 guests attended the event and over 1,000 photos were submitted using the hashtag #MashMeet. Mashable is one of the few media companies that works to not only inspire, inform and entertain its audience online but offline as well.

Mashable has organically built a true community on Instagram: both on the platform and off. By working with Instagram influencers, hosting innovative challenges, creating in person meetups and continuing to share the best of Mashable's visual content, Mashable's Instagram account is a force to be reckoned with.

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