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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Lennox Movember “Face of Change"

Entered in Social Good Campaign


The Lennox Movember campaign was executed to promote engagement on Lennox's social channels by aligning with a charitable cause. Movember is a positive and uplifting global campaign that encourages people to raise awareness and donate to support men's health issues. It fits with Lennox and makes sense for the brand as the face of the campaign is Dave Lennox who's notable known his distinctive moustache.

Lennox created static images and video content to help raise awareness, and then for every social share of content, Lennox donated $2 to men's health issues. The social channels included Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube, and Instagram. This campaign was coupled with the public launch of Lennox's Instagram channel. To promote the channel and donate further to Movember, Lennox donated $2 for every Instagram follow and $5 for every moustache image uploaded with the campaign hashtag. To amplify the Instagram component, we worked with Kargo, an innovative mobile partner, to create an engaging rich media ad unit allowing users to upload an image directly from the ad and follow Lennox. This campaign resulted in 3,214 social engagements (155% increase from 2013 campaign), 13,840 video views on YouTube, 65,552 website page views, 52 Instagram photo uploads and $15,244 in donations.

Strategy and Execution

HVAC is not a very sexy category. When talking about air conditioners and furnaces, it's easy for content to become stale and to loose consumer's attention. For Lennox, our goal is to provide consumers with interesting and useful information about not only the HVAC category, but also about making your home more comfortable and more efficient. Another area that Lennox is passionate about it giving back. Whether it's donating a new HVAC system to a family in need or participating in a 5K run for charity, Lennox has strong philanthropic roots.

Over the last two years, Movember has been added to the list of charities that Lennox supports. Internally, Lennox employees form a team to grow moustaches and raise money to support men's health issues. The start of Lennox's connection to Movember can be traced to Dave Lennox himself. Known for his prominent moustache, it was a natural cause for Dave to be the face of and support. This was also an organic way for Lennox to increase social engagement by joining a national conversation in the social space, all while donating money for a good cause.

The main objective of the Movember campaign was to drive engagement on social media. Additionally, Lennox launched on Instagram in the month of November, so there was a secondary goal of increasing awareness of Instagram and gaining followers. Our strategy was to create original content that was both entertaining and informative. The core message of the video and static content was urging men to "Man Up" and go to the doctor to get a check-up. We used the hashtag #FaceResponsibility to emphasize this point even further. Additionally, with image posts, we included hard-hitting stats on various men's health conditions to drive home the fact that these issues are serious and need attention and donations.

For every share of our content on Facebook, Twitter, and G+, and for every follow on Instagram, Lennox donated $2 to men's health issues. To support Instagram even further, for every moustache image uploaded with #FaceResponsibility, Lennox donated $5.

To help get the word out and increase engagement we had paid post promotion. On Facebook and Twitter we promoted image and video posts. For Instagram, we worked with a mobile partner to create a rich media unit that ran on a variety of apps. Within this unit, a user could click directly to Instagram and upload a picture of their moustaches. They could also click directly to Instagram to follow @LennoxAir.

Overall this campaign was a success resulting in 3,214 social engagements, 13,840 video views on YouTube, 65,552 website page views, 52 Instagram photo uploads and $15,244 in donations. Engagements increased by 155% compared to the 2013 Movember efforts and video views increased by 750% illustrating the elevation of content YOY.

This is a standout entry because it's not every day that an HVAC company does something so creative and relevant. The content was entertaining, informative, and engaging and the numbers prove that. Our advertising budgets may be small, but we used them effectively to spread the word and raise money for a good cause. We supported content across five channels, with one of those channels was being launched the very same month. We showed here that you can step outside the box from what's considered your category's content realm and do something that consumers can rally around with content that resonates.

Finally, this campaign has helped Lennox grow its SOV to now be the largest among its competitors. This is a huge fete for the brand and original content is a key component of this growth and success and a large differentiator among our competitive set.


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GSD&M, Lennox Industries, Inc., Power Creative


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