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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Vita Coco Lemonade Shakedown

Entered in Facebook Campaign


Lemonade Shakedown was a custom-built Facebook app created to help Vita Coco engage its Facebook fan base while trialing samples of its new Lemonade flavor. Designed in a pixelated style reminiscent of 8-bit arcade games, Lemonade Shakedown was approachable and intentionally low-fi, in keeping with the Vita Coco branding and beachy Brazilian ethos.

The game ran for 2 weeks in June of 2014. It far exceeded expectations, topping out at 193K game plays (58% of which were repeat plays) and 3:19 spent interacting with the game.

Strategy and Execution

With Lemonade Shakedown, our goal was twofold: (1) to help engage and grow Vita Coco's Facebook fan base, and (2) to trial 50K samples of its new Lemonade flavor.

To achieve these goals, we built a game that simulated, with a wink, the making of Vita Coco Lemonade.

To start, players used their bushel basket to bump a "cocolemon" tree, a mysterious tree that produces both coconuts and lemons. The object of the game was to catch as many pieces of falling fruit as possible and dump them, one toppling basketful at a time, into a wooden Rube Goldberg-style machine.

To complicate things, players also had to avoid falling machetes that would tip their basket while also collecting ice cubes that would extend their 0:60 time limit.

The game lived behind a like wall, ensuring that only Vita Coco fans could play. Gameplay achievements were marked with a shareable, scoring-based badging system, which, paired with a grand prize sweeps, encouraged repeat plays even after the samples themselves ran out.

The game was live for two weeks, in which time it performed well above expectations, reaching:


Video for Vita Coco Lemonade Shakedown

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Vita Coco (All Market, Inc.), Madwell


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