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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

ING Bank Orange Support

Finalist in Customer Service

Entered in Financial Services

About this entry

Banking Industry in Turkey has a very negative perception. People think that banks don't care about their customers and always think about their own profits. There is a big conversation on digital platforms about this negative perception.

ING Bank Turkey tries to change this perception by conducting transparent banking to show people that banking and finance don't have to be unlikeable. To make this possible with a more humanized manner, ING created a support account (Orange Support) on Twitter to listen to and understand customers' problems & needs to be able to create solutions and show that they are being cared.

We launched this account with a video. This video helped us to underline that ING Bank Turkey listens to customers around the clock in order to solve their problems and help make banking easier and better. Unlike other banks ING Bank does not avoid even the most negative comments and try to solve the problems with a more humanized way. The problems most talked about on social platforms, were addressed by employees, managers and even deputy general managers of the bank.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

People in Turkey think that banks don't care about their customers and that they always think about their own profits. They express this belief on social media, mostly on Twitter.

ING Bank Turkey has an 'Orange Promise' to conduct transparent banking and to show people that banking doesn't have to be unlikeable. This is a long-term goal. The objective was to kick start this mission on digital. There were two problems to tackle:

Digital is mostly where the negative conversation takes place. Before we change anything we figured we had to listen to the conversation and take our place in it. Thus, reflection of the above positioning manifested itself as a new support account on Twitter. This account called Orange Support aims to do social listening beyond ING customers by listening to everyone talking about banking and finance on Twitter, in order to thoroughly understand consumers and pinpoint problems. These problems should be quickly transferred to the related department. Together with Orange Support we found an innovative solution to spread the conversation throughout the bank and made this viral with a video.

Our video made sure that everybody, even the managers, were part of the conversation about banking on social media, which could easily be overlooked in an e-mail. ING Bank employees were surprised by the negative tweets about banking. After the initial surprise, a conversation was created both inside the bank and on social media. The conversation on social media included customers, bankers, ING employees and even ING Bank CEO Pınar Abay.

The brave and unique approach of ING Bank wanting to face the negative conversation about banks on social media, while other banks could not dare to, showed how serious they were about changing the way banking industry is perceived and got positive results.

As promised ING Bank delivered solutions to its customers and consumers in general about their financial questions. Some of the answers came as video answers by ING Bank Turkey employees and executives. The first video answer through Orange Support in which a top level ING executive answered the question of a twitter user.

Since our launch in August 2014, positive feedbacks are increased by 68%. Also, we have been receiving fun feedbacks from both customers and non-customers.


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Publicis Modem Turkey / ING Bank Turkey


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