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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

How to Speak Amopé

Entered in Facebook Campaign


Objective – Raise Awareness and trial of the new foot care brand, Amopé, on Facebook so consumers realize the need for its Pedi Perfect product and the benefits it has on their feet. Strategy – To make consumers realize that they need soft, beautiful feet, we need to remind them of the real-life moments where the way their feet look and feel matter. Maybe it’s about showing off a favorite pair of heels, making their feet look their best for a big night out, or even how take care of their feet after a run. Outcome – How to Speak Amopé Videos: a multi-video series that focuses on defining what Amopé stands for by putting emphasis on the brand name with words that represent feet first moments. All videos are filmed to tell a story from the perspective of the feet. Each video includes: moments where feet are important, how Amopé Pedi Perfect is used to help and an after, beneficial moment that comes from using Amopé Pedi Perfect.

Strategy and Execution

Through the Facebook video campaign, Amopé has succeeded in developing a unique and engaging visual perspective directly connected to its products, and now owns this perspective which it can leverage far into the future. The overall launch campaign, including the Facebook videos have led to significantly over-delivering initial sales forecasts across all customers. The videos were developed specifically for Amopé’s brand launch on Facebook in order to drive an emotional connection with a functional product. Since this is a new brand and product launch in a category that is not typically top of mind, it was critical to use the videos to demonstrate the emotional benefits of using the product, as well as to demonstrate the product in use. The campaign includes 11 videos, 1 of which is boosted each week to a selected target. To date, 4 videos have been released with strong results in all key areas including engagement rate, views, and completion rates The videos cover a range of moments where feet become top of mind, and use a unique visual perspective to capture the moments from behind the feet to tell a story. They also feature a diverse group of women: African-American, Hispanic, Caucasian, mother, runner, yoga enthusiast; which helped to drive an average engagement rate of 6%, 4,600 likes, 735 shares, and 1.6 million views per video. Knowing that the videos may be viewed with or without sound, the team added visual text that demonstrated both the feet first moments, as well as the benefit of using the product, always playing off the brand name, Amopé. For those users viewing with sound, the team selected a catchy tune that matched with the playful tone of the videos. The campaign also has the ability to be stretched into multiple seasons and occasions, as evidenced by upcoming video content focused on holiday gifting and New Year’s celebrations. Results Update: The full campaign included 11 videos which were realeased between October - December 2014. In total the 11 videos delivered 295 million impressions and reached 152 million people with an average engagement rate of 6%. In terms of business results, the total sales more than doubled the initial target, with 1 million units sold in stores in just 3 months. The Footcare category growth prior to the Amopé launch (January - September 2014) was -4%, and after launch (October - December 2014) the category grew +11%.


Video for How to Speak Amopé

Entrant Company / Organization Name

RB – Amopé (Brand), Genuine Interactive (Digital Agency) and Aegis (Media Agency)