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Special Project

Special Project
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Grammarly Facebook Page

Entered in Facebook

About this entry

Grammarly ( is the world's best automated proofreader.

Since 2013, Grammarly's Facebook page has seen post engagement grow 106 percent, the average number of comments has increased 837 percent, and the average number of shares is up over 500 percent.

Our Facebook page is a place for fans of language and humor to learn, laugh, and debate their favorite language-related topics. Over the last year we've focused on engaging our Facebook community with funny, informative, and thought-provoking content. We place a high value on engagement and test and create strategic content to elicit responses from our audiences.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Grammarly's Facebook page had been successful in organically building its community with hilarious, interesting, and intelligent grammar-related content for millions of word nerds globally. Our goal has been to become the leading page for word-nerd entertainment, and we have made remarkable progress toward that goal, especially for such a small team (1-2 people). Our content is frequently posted on and shared by other grammar, humor, and education pages. Our fans constantly tag us when they find errors online, suggesting that Grammarly is the first thing they think of when someone needs help with the English language.

Compared with other language and education pages, our engagement levels are significant. Pages like Grammar Girl ( and I Freaking Love Science ( have a less than 1% average engagement ratio. [We define engagement ratio as the number of likes, comments, and shares combined for a post, divided by the total number of likes that page has. For example, if a post has 7 likes, 2 comments, and 1 share and the page has a total of 100 likes, the engagement ratio would be 1% (10/100).] Even the popular George Takei ( has an average engagement ratio of less than 1%.

By contrast, some of our most popular posts have anywhere from a 5% to 8% engagement ratio. Examples of a few of those posts are attached as screenshots, and the data can be found at the bottom of this section.

The Facebook page currently has between 300,000 and 1,000,000 people interacting on the site at a time. We've grown from one million Likes in February to over four million Likes, all within the span of a single year. Over the last year, post engagement has grown 115 percent, the average number of comments has increased over 857 percent, and the average number of shares has increased more than 500 percent.

By fully understanding our audience and creating popular content, 94 percent of the page's growth success has been organic, without any kind of paid promotion.The ongoing level of engagement on the page is compelling evidence that Grammarly's fans are now more engaged than the Facebook fans of large brands like Pepsi, Jeep, and other household names.

Grammarly's Facebook page aims to be the leading online destination for word-nerd humor and learning because Grammarly as a company has love of the English language at its heart. Grammarly ( is the world's leading automated proofreader. The privately held company based in San Francisco and Kiev launched with its flagship product, the Grammarly Editor, which corrects contextual spelling mistakes, checks for more than 250 common grammar errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and provides citation suggestions. More than 3 million registered users worldwide and licensed by more than 100 leading universities and corporations trust Grammarly's products.

Engagement ratio for popular posts

(likes+comments+shares per post divided by total number of page likes)

8% engagement ratio

303,371 likes, 4,663 comments, 34,835 shares

5.7% engagement ratio

205,637 likes, 9,307 comments, 31,476 shares

7% engagement ratio

218,163 likes, 1,872 comments, 97,252 shares


Entrant Company / Organization Name

The Grammarly Social Media Team