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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Faces of Fearless Video/Photo Contest

Entered in Facebook Campaign


With positive consumer response -- based on market research results -- to Capital BlueCross' “Live Fearless" brand platform in early 2014, the company's brand and digital marketing teams created a Facebook “Like" promotion to further leverage the power of Live Fearless in the social space.

“Faces of Fearless," a video/photo contest promotion, was launched with two clear and simple objectives:

(1) increase brand awareness and engagement; and

(2) achieve a 10% increase in Page Likes.

The promotion – spanning one month -- solicited videos, or photos with brief descriptions, about how health insurance empowers individuals to Live Fearless.

It was featured on a Facebook tab and cross-promoted on Twitter and Pinterest.

Outcome highlights:

• 32.37% overall increase in Page Likes (20.34% over goal)

• Primary Page Likes Ad Set captured 1.4% engagement (above the 0.96% average for Pages <10K)

Strategy and Execution

The campaign creative fully leveraged the “Live Fearless" brand platform, which expresses how, with the strength and security of Capital BlueCross, individuals are empowered to live life to the fullest with confidence.

Rather than look for quick and likely “unsticky" spikes in our fan base with a short giveaway promotion, we structured the “Faces of Fearless" contest, its posts, and its advertising honing in on the idea that Capital BlueCross can help you be a fearless participant in making your personal wellness, health care, lifestyle and (ultimately) health insurance decisions. This was an important part of our strategy, as our plan was to continue to provide content consistent with this theme long after the conclusion of the contest – content that would hold our growing fan bases interest, their attention and their “Like."

Key Campaign Strategies:

• “Faces of Fearless" shared ownership of the brand platform with consumers by asking them to share a 60-second video or a photo showing how health insurance empowers them to live fearless every day, no matter their level of wellness.

• The contest was phased in two parts to maximize the opportunity to achieve our 10% increase in “Likes" goal:

o (1) a multi-week entry period to collect videos/photos;

o (2) a one-week public voting period to spur additional engagement.

• Both the entry and voting phases of the contest included financial incentives via Visa gift cards.

o Entry incentive: $1,000 grand prize and three runners up of $500 each

o Voting incentive: five random $100 winners


• Contest Launch Date: 3,410 Page Likes (goal: 3,751)

• Mid-point in Contest: 3,763 (surpassed goal while still in entry phase)

• Contest/Voting Close Date: 4,514 Page Likes

• 32.37% overall increase in Page Likes

• 20.34% increase over goal

• Primary Page Likes Ad Set captured 1.4% engagement (above the 0.96% average for Pages <10K)

• Secondary Page Likes Ad Set captured 0.91% engagement (slightly under 0.96% average for Pages <10K)

• Voting/Page Post Ad Set captured 0.85% engagement for $0.23 average cost

• Highest daily Net Likes during duration of contest: 75

• Only 11 unlikes two weeks after the contest

Budget Notable:

• $3,000 allotted to social ad spend to cover both entry and voting phases

o Spend was strategically structured between Ad Sets for likes/Ad Sets for post engagement and minimal 'boosted' posts (879 of total 1,104 campaign likes achieved through Ad Set likes)

o Contest “Likes" goal surpassed with a total spend of $2,220 (25% savings)


Video for Faces of Fearless Video/Photo Contest

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Capital BlueCross