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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

#BreakingBad on @tvrecord

Gold Honor in Meme


Promotional campaign aiming to amplify the results of the acclaimed Breaking Bad, aired by Rede Record, on Brazilian social media and open TV. We used the series' cult status and bet on Twitter, the most matching audience for the product in the country, using a lot of humor, jokes, memes and fun stuff about the characters and the storyline. As Walter White became Heisenberg, the massive Twitter account of one of Brazil's biggest TV stations, respected and full of credibility, took during the series' airing time a fun and "out of the box" character. The outcome was astonishing: the campaign went viral, got spontaneous media coverage and the Rede Record's tweets got retweeted by the thousands, placing the series as one of the most commented on social environment on the entire country.

Strategy and Execution

Although Breaking Bad hadn't, on brazilian open TV, an outcome as strong as it got on US television, the TV station's Twitter account experienced an unexpected boom.

Many stayed online on Twitter just to follow @tvrecord's creative and funny tweets, complementing and interacting with the official account.

The success was such that the second screen almost became the first, and, until now, Breaking Bad tweets are majority among @tvrecord's top 10 retweeted ranking of all time.

The @tvrecord's complete transformation of attitude, changing into a very funny, creative profile, happened only at night, during the air time, surprising the Twitter users - a change which generated a huge impact. We took advantage of Breaking Bad having intrinsically a good amount of black humor involved, making it a big deal – and allying it to the fact that the series already wear a cultural phenomenon, an iconic audiovisual product. And it was treated, handled, as that: a cultural phenomenon, using Walter White as a widely spread character, such as Che Guevara T-Shirts or Mickey Mouse ears.

And, to crown it all, we had the public acceptance, participation and recognition – whose are the social media true and final judges.

It became the 3rd most commented TV show in Brazil, behind the two major competitors, that have each one the Super Bowl audience everyday. Because of @tvrecord's memes.

First day of the campaing raised the account's impressions of 133K to 715K, peaking one week after with almost 2 million impressions in just one day - 1.857.751, at January 22th 2014. During three months (mid January to mid April), we had a average 500K impressions each day at @tvrecord, twice our average for anytime of the year. Only in the first two weeks, we had 39K RTs and 18K+ favs, with an awesome mark of 660K impressions average/day. Our top tweet had almost 10K RTs, but many made the 1K "milestone".

That consolidated TV Record's Breaking Bad digital strategy as one of top and most interesting ones of the first semester last year in Brazil.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Portal R7 - Rede Record


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