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Brand Networks Platform

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Consumers are inundated with advertisements, especially on social media. To break through the clutter, marketers need to deliver relevant, targeted ads at the right place and time. The Brand Networks Platform makes it possible. Brand Networks allows brands to master the art of data-informed social advertising and reach customers when they are most likely to buy a product or interact with a branded piece of content. With Brand Networks, brands can plan, automate, and optimize ads for Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin on one sophisticated platform.

The Brand Networks Platform synchronizes social ads to run in tandem with real-time proprietary data feeds like revenue, inventory, store traffic, coupon redemptions and flash sales, or with global data feeds like weather conditions, sports scores and television events. Advertisers can use predefined signals within the Platform, easily create their own signals from documents like spreadsheets, or connect to third-party APIs and web services, allowing them to access a variety of variables on which to base their social ad decisions.

For example, a retailer could use the Brand Networks Platform to integrate data streams that track warehouse inventory, and automatically deliver ads for overstocked products to social media users. A national coffee chain could also use the Platform to integrate data streams about the current temperature in a certain region, and automatically sync ads to run when the temperature drops below freezing -- encouraging nearby consumers to stop in and warm up with a hot coffee.

By using these data triggers, marketers are able to provide consumers with the most relevant, meaningful ads at the most opportune moments.

Strategy and Execution

With the Brand Networks Platform, brands have the ability to advertise at the most impactful, relevant moments using data to inform strategies, and automation to deliver ads quickly, efficiently, and on budget. Brand Networks is one of the only companies that allows brands to connect real-world and online data streams to optimize the impact of social advertising. Marketers can automatically synchronize advertising campaigns with multiple outside data feeds to amplify brand messages at the right time and place. Using this layer of data, marketers can ensure they reach customers when they are most likely to consider a purchase or engage with branded content.

Brand Networks is one of the only companies in the world recognized as a Facebook Marketing Partner, LinkedIn Certified Marketing Partner and Twitter Marketing Platform Partner. Using the Brand Networks Platform, companies can manage all of their social needs from one sophisticated platform.

Marketers who use the Brand Networks Platform's data-informed solution have seen incredible results -- from increased ad engagement to a lift in ROI of their social ad spend. A major movie studio recently used the Brand Networks Platform to advertise a summer blockbuster to social media users. Knowing that today 35% of all screen time involves simultaneous usage of TV and a digital device, Brand Networks synced movie advertisements to run simultaneously on TV and on social networks. Through the Platform, the studio scheduled Promoted Tweets to run in tandem with the movie's TV ads, as well as TV ads for competitive movies. The results? The movie studio saw a 250% lift in click-through rate (CTR) and 32% lower cost for ads that were synced to TV ads for the movie, as well as a 204% lift in CTR and 22% lower cost for ads synced to competitor movie ads.

Additionally, a popular beverage brand used the Brand Networks Platform to sync advertisements to specific big moments during two USA matches at the 2014 World Cup (goals, shots on goal, cards, etc.) Knowing that users were likely to tweet and post about these big moments, Brand Networks created contextually relevant advertisements that referenced the game and its action in real time. As a result, the beverage brand's Promoted Tweets received 167% more impressions over the control, a 16% higher engagement rate, and a 57% lower cost per engagement.


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Brand Networks


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