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Aflac: DIY

Entered in Consumer Brand


Aflac was seeing a decline in accident policy sales and were launching a new TV campaign to promote sales. They turned to Big Fuel to help translate this to social media in a unique way that spoke to their online audience. Big Fuel created a series of videos that translated the theme of the commercial series for the social audience while driving conversation and engagement with the accident policies. Through a multi-pronged approach, Big Fuel was able to shift the online conversation away from the AFLAC mascot and create genuine conversations around the accident policy benefits.

Strategy and Execution

The Challenge:

Aflac's accident policy sales were struggling. A new TV campaign promoting the policy needed Big Fuel to help elevate exposure. The television spot featured a star from the home improvement channel, HGTV, allowing for creative not only in insurance but in home improvement as well.

The Work:

We created a campaign around "DIY" a.k.a. Do-It-Yourself crafts and home improvement. The campaign relied heavy video creation to tap into this growing area of social promotion. Each aspect of the campaign focused on a different area of DIY as well as different aspects of AFLAC. Our three-pronged approach consisted of elements titled "Woodworking," "Quick Fix" and "Chainsaw." Each tied into the commercial and the DIY element. Our "Quick Fix" contest awarded gift cards for home improvement stores to winners. The contest was only open for a week but generated 400 submissions with only two mentions on AFLAC-owned social channels, showing an incredibly high engagement. Users were asked to submit a story as to what their DIY project was and why they deserved to win. Woodworking was used to promote people's testimonials using the accident policy. Our team worked with a woodworker to create three videos. People were selected to tell their stories and the woodworker then crafted an item to help them further and reflect their experiences. One video featured a woman who got hurt and Aflac accident policy which helped pay for her childcare, so a dollhouse was made for her daughter, showing how Aflac continued to help. This humanization of the policy led to incredibly engaging conversations from users around their experiences. In the "Chainsaw" execution we tapped into the fun of video on social. Through a series of behind-the-scenes videos we showed a man with a chainsaw crafting a sculpture out of wood. It was finally revealed to be the Aflac duck. The ducks were then awarded to Aflac sales reps to help further their B2B communication strategy.

The Results:

The content garnered 2.6MM impressions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which accounted for more than a third of all channel content impressions during the time of the campaign. Campaign content generated over 40K total engagements across Aflac and influencer's channels (FB, TW and IG). Related videos received more than 15K views on YouTube. A post by Scott McGilligvray on Facebook resulted in more than 7K interactions (likes, comment, shares). Nearly a quarter of visitors to the "Quick Fix" contest tab on Facebook submitted an entry. The #DuckLife hashtag was mentioned more than 2,000 times during the time of the campaign on Twitter, which was 2000% higher than projected. The campaign resulted in over 4K new followers/fans to Aflac's social channels (FB, TW and IG).


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Big Fuel

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