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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Impact Awards


Audience Honor in Branded Series

Entered in Corporate-Community, Business to Business, Video Series


FloQast is an accounting technology software company, created by accountants for accountants, with the main pride being the ability to create a product that truly resonates with the accounting community. As such, FloQast Studios was created to develop and produce content made by accountants for accountants, to create media that the accounting demographic can relate to. 

There have been shows about doctors, nurses, lawyers, firefighters, police, and investors, but never about the group of individuals that keeps all those operations running smoothly: accountants. As part of FloQast's mission to elevate the accounting profession, by creating a product that automates the mundane, and allows accountants to become more operationally minded and forward-thinking, founder and CEO Mike Whitmire had the dream to enhance this mission by turning to his Los Angeles roots. For years, he had been jotting down funny bits from real personal accounting experiences, and after FloQast grew into a unicorn start-up company, he knew it was time to execute on this vision to make a workplace comedy about accountants.

PBC, which in the accounting profession is mostly acknowledged as "Prepared By Client", was created with this overarching mission to elevate the industry, recruit new hires, and give the community something that they had never been given. In watching, you'll never see FloQast mentioned besides the title sequence, because the show soley aims to shift stereotypes about accountants. To enable this shift, FloQast's product provides the solution needed for accountants to become the operational experts in business.


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FloQast, FloQast Studios, Cinemand Films


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