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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Impact Awards


Entered in Branded Content


We want to design and create the UI/UX of the future, but before that, we needed a website.

OHZI Interactive is a business founded with the passion of three IT developers. Passion for creative and interactive graphics, best practices in software development and state-of-the-art computer graphics. This is important to say because as a small studio created by 100% technology people, with little knowledge in business, having a website that can create visibility, and overall allow people to get to know the agency was a big need and a big challenge.

The objective was to create an immersive experience, showcasing the uniqueness of our Brand and providing a quick and real-life experience of what can be built by our agency. 

Strategy and Execution

The key features we wanted to highlight were interactiveness, wow effect thanks to the 3d graphics, responsiveness and adaption to what devices are used by the general population + desktop and device versions.

The strategy was simple and straightforward, applying the same techniques and methodology we use for other clients' and website design and development, which has been proved successful over several years already. 

The implementation was a sequence of three steps, DESIGN: storytelling, mood board and wireframe research and development, IMPLEMENTATION: 3d assets creation, general development, and OPTIMIZATION on the website, SEO and network.

The team has seniority in all these fields, making the process very direct, on top of this, the team has a great time developing the website, having feedback loops in all the stages with the rest of the team creates an end product that has been cross-checked by all the stakeholders. 



As a result, the new OHZI INTERACTIVE website leads to a higher engagement with our audiences. The Bounce Rate decreased by -6%! Session duration grew by +270% and users' pages per session increased by more than +10%. We have received users: 2600% times more users and 50x emails requesting to work together than in the previous year, thanks to which the lead acquisition increased x5 and revenue x10.

We moved from a simple website to something more elaborate that represents what we do and guarantees search engine visibility and local social platforms presence around the world.

And finally, following different studies, the new website has a significant impact on the image of the agency, in particular by: high technology and consumer brands, design studios and cryptocurrencies, tokens and metaverse groups. 

Technically, it's a website that engages the users on every device being a mobile phone, tablet or computer, on every SO, but also helps us as a brand to gain visibility, generate an identity and increase the lead acquisition. 

Finally, we were able to demonstrate that a website can be 100% 3D but still have outstanding navigation, can be super engaging and fun to use, that makes every client to compliments us on their first email, and that takes us a step further into creating the new UX/UI of the future.



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