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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Art + Technology Season 4

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Hyundai Motor’s have always been strong supporters of the Arts globally with a commitment to fostering innovative thinking and technology. Technology is everywhere—in our pockets, in garages, and in homes. Yet, most of us don't know how it is changing the way we experience and interact with each other. Art can serve as a powerful way to explore these themes.

The aim for ART + TECHNOLOGY Season 4 was to build on the success of the previous three seasons, and continue to make art accessible and relevant to Bloomberg’s global audience and beyond.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Who are the pioneers of the future?

Art + Technology Season 4 adopts an intergenerational approach across 15 episodes.

Zoning in on a new technology each episode, we pair one of its pioneers with a contemporary artist pushing its limits today for electrifying conversations focused on the past, present and future of this technology. Cryptoart to Synthetic Ecology, XR (Extended Reality) to Surveillance technologies. From early VR experiments at NASA in the 1980s, to the cinematic, immersive environments of today. Season 4 connects visionaries around a key question to contextualise the past and the present; to envision not what the future holds, but how art can help us get there. 

The original creative solution for ART + TECHNOLOGY Season 4 was to explore how technology solutions that have emerged as everyday parts of our lives, can often trace their roots back to early artist experiments. For example, Google Maps. This idea and insight then evolved into a new intergenerational direction for the show.

In Season 4, each episode the ART + TECHNOLOGY audience witnesses a meeting of minds; between a pioneer, who first experimented with a new piece of technology, and a younger artist, who is riding on the wave that was originally created by this pioneer. By bringing two generations together, we also hoped the audience would be able to take a glimpse into the future and hear fresh perspectives shared by our new partnership.

Making art accessible and relatable can often be seen as a challenge, but by exploring emerging technology and art through the relationship between a trailblazer and someone they inspired made for an experience everyone feels familiar with. We all have our own heroes and mentors to thank for where we are now, the art world is no different.



ART + TECHNOLOGY is streamed globally on Bloomberg’s digital platforms via and the Bloomberg mobile app. It is also aired on Bloomberg Television, Quicktake OTT, Quicktake Twitter, as well as the show’s own YouTube and Instagram accounts.  ART + TECHNOLOGY Season 4 was released episodically across 15 two part episodes from May 10, 2021 to Mar 14, 2022. The season remains available on demand at as well as the show’s own YouTube and Instagram channels.


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Bloomberg Media Studios, Hyundai Motor Company


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