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Verizon "Powerful Answers" Tumblr

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Verizon is more than the country’s leading wireless brand. It’s a powerful technology company pioneering solutions in Healthcare, Education, Sustainability, and Public Safety. The problem was, consumers didn’t know it. Our job was to change that. So in early 2013, we created the Powerful Answers campaign to communicate how Verizon’s technologies are changing the world. After great success in traditional channels, changing consumer perceptions and garnering new brand affinity, the next challenge was to socialize Powerful Answers online. Powerful Answers already had an online hub, powerfulanswers. But the site was geared toward an audience of technical decision makers. Our campaign, on the other hand, was calibrated for mass consumers. Knowing digital like we do, we knew the current online audience wouldn’t get us anywhere near our KPIs. We needed to carve out a new niche among tech influencers and aficionados as a base, and let them help us reach our target of mass consumers. So we turned our attention to social media, and in particular, Tumblr. In addition to being one of the world’s top 10 sites with over 80 million posts per day, it was the one platform that gave us freedom to create and host attention-grabbing content, and flexibility to experiment with formats that our audience was regularly consuming.The Powerful Answers Tumblr page has outperformed our initial goals and helped us redefine the brand’s online image. And this success isn’t accidental. It stems from heavyweight creativity and strategy working together to leverage the platform’s key assets. With Tumblr, the medium has the power to transform the message into highly valuable social currency. We take advantage of this with design-forward posts that leverage custom photography, illustration, and typography. We vary our post formats – gifs, video, animation, articles, and more – and go out of our way to strike a balance between creating and curating content. That keeps things fresh, and keeps people coming back for more. Since the official launch date of 09/27/2013, the community has been growing steadily. We actively monitor user behavior and interaction to see our biggest hits and where we can improve. To date, we’ve seen some impressive results with over 5,401,670 views, 6,525 likes, and 2,620 re-bogs. Plus, Tumblr CEO, David Karp, liked one of our posts. Overall, the blog has been a success, helping us achieve the KPIs to meet our client objectives, while generating a new base of tech-savvy social consumers who genuinely care about the innovations and, now, the brand.

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