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Verizon NFL #FOMOF Twitter Campaign

Finalist in Twitter Campaign


Downloads and usage of Verizon’s NFL Mobile app were sluggish, and mcgarrybowen was challenged to move the needle. The #FOMOF campaign effectively demonstrated why watching live football on a smartphone was meaningful and valuable to the avid football fan. But wait, we asked ourselves—why would someone use NFL Mobile vs. watching a football game on TV? People inherently have an innate fear of missing out on stuff—especially the avid football fan on game day. Often, these fans would be forcibly preoccupied on a Sunday doing things other than watching their beloved game. This insight was the perfect catalyst to our creative idea, #FOMOF (Fear Of Missing Out on Football), which was concepted off of the existing social phenomenon of #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). We started with 15-second TV spots to drive awareness, and a real-time Twitter response campaign to administer the cure to #FOMOF directly to the avid football fan—the NFL Mobile app. The result? A 16% lift in NFL Mobile downloads and a 36% lift in premium subscribers from 2012-2013.We were able to drive 23,057 #FOMOF mentions between September 12 and December 31, 2013 without the use of incentives like a contest or sweepstakes. We were able to do this because we leveraged an existing social phenomenon, and used it to our advantage. Our insight resonated with our target’s pain point—the Fear Of Missing Out on Football—and it became an organic way for the avid football fan talk about their passion for the game. In addition to TV, we developed a Twitter-response campaign to respond to people who didn’t even know they had #FOMOF. We listened on Twitter for fans that were disappointed or complaining about missing a game due to forced circumstances (e.g. a baby shower). To these fans, @VerizonWireless replied with individualized tweets containing short video clips consoling them about their #FOMOF. These videos were shot with Saints quarterback Drew Brees, and tailored to the type of tweet/complaint from the fan. And what did this all mean for NFL Mobile and Verizon? Year over year, app downloads were up 16% and premium subscribers were up 36%. And in the long term, Verizon has changed the way people talk about football on Twitter. The campaign is over, the Super Bowl has past, and yet the Fear Of Missing Out on Football is still part of the conversation.

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