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The Wolverine - Twitter Battle

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With the release of the 2013’s biggest international blockbuster The Wolverine, Fox Star Studios – India & Thought Pot Media gave fans a chance to fight with their favorite Superhero in a unique, one of its kind, twitter powered battle between The Wolverine and his enemies with the #IAmTheWolverine Twitter Battle! The real time twitter battle hosted on gave fans the opportunity to ‘become’ one of the most iconic Marvel characters through their tweet! The battle consisted of three rounds, in which The Wolverine needed to defeat the deadly ninja, the venomous Viper and the toughest adversary Silver Samurai, respectively with fan-tweets. The outcome of the battle was completely in the hands of the fans, who had a chance to tweet for the Wolverine by using #IAmTheWolverine or against him, by tweeting for his enemies. The real-time design of the website showcased every fan tweet within seconds on the website along with having a direct effect on the health of the characters, making fans realize that they were an integral part of the battle and immersing them in the story-line that acted as a prequel of the upcoming film, The Wolverine. Getting an audience to tweet for a superhero usually is easy but making them believe that they are the superhero was the goal. With #IAmTheWolverine fans of the franchise got a chance to be the iconic character and fight his adversaries with 140 characters. And they became The Wolverine; from 24th July 2013 till 26th July 2013 fans tweeting for 62 hours non-stop. Amazingly because of the worldwide trend, fans from 68 countries participated in the battle that saw their protagonist fight off villains from the upcoming film. Spending an average of 5 minutes and 15 seconds on they saw three adversaries go down one by one as the site design completely changed after every battle. Each fighting as The Wolverine, as well as fighting to get their tweet showcased on the real time twitter feed on the website. With every tweet they saw the life of the antagonist decrease in real time, fueling the need to win. Statistically speaking. Over the course of three days 1471 unique twitter users participated in the battle with an astonishing 75,686 tweets and re-tweets to defeat all three enemies. The website organically had 21,024 page views, 10,172 visits and 8019 unique visitors in 3 days. The hashtag #IAmTheWolverine trended in India (nationally) continuously for 3 days and trended Worldwide on 26th July 2013, the day of the films worldwide release. That traction got a worldwide audience involved in the battle which was originally planned to be an India only promotion, making the twitter battle into a war. To cap off a successful campaign, The Wolverine had the biggest box-office opening in India across the Asia-Pacific region.

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