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Special Project

Special Project
From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

Skittles Facebook Page

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Hey there, Shorty Awards! I’m The Rainbow, and I’m psyched to tell you all about my awesome Skittles Facebook page, where I hang out and talk to people every day about Skittles candies. Like, A LOT of people.The truth is that being The Rainbow rules. People are always glad to see you, especially when you have an awesome Facebook page. Here’s what I think makes it so rad: - The best in Rainbow reporting. I provide up-to-the minute, quadruple-verified news you can use. For example: Marshmallows don’t dissolve. They use hot cocoa as a way to teleport to their homeworld. I think people appreciate my no-nonsense approach. Who else is going to tell you that every time you eat Skittles your spirit animal turns into a space-barracuda? - The whole Skittles story. You know that #SkittlesGrin spot you love even when it comes on during America’s Top Gherkin? Ever wondered what happened to Louis after that amazing kiss? Well, I post updates and share photos of Louis and friends on Facebook to make sure that fans know the whole story and can share it with their friends. - It’s all about the love. I’ve got over 25 million fans. Think about it: if you had that many hamsters, you’d be unstoppable! But what’s even more impressive is that my fans are geniuses. I get so many amazing pics on my page from fans who post Skittles selfies, who dress up as Skittles candies or The Rainbow, and who pose with The Rainbow -- and I don’t even have to ask them to do it! I love telling the world about one of these fans each week. - The Rainbow gets results. I’ve been on Facebook for a long time, so I know that it’s gotten more challenging to reach and inspire fans. Despite that, I talk to millions of people every day, delighting them with posts about kung-fu turtles, Skittles doge, and buckets and buckets of Skittles candies. In 2013, I got high-fives for my page in places like BuzzFeed and Vanity Fair, and I even made the front page of the internet when I was the #1 topic on Reddit. (That edition of the internet knocked down the whole front wall of my house when the internet boy threw it at my porch.) So there you have it, Shorty Awards. If I were to win an award for my Facebook page, my heart would feel like it was dipped in Skittles. Sincerely, The Rainbow


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