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Special Project

Special Project
From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

Matthew Lush

Finalist in Video Blogger

About Matthew Lush

My boyfriend Nick and I started vlogging our relationship the day I asked him out. Surprising him with "BE MY BOYFRIEND XOXO MATTHEW" in a fortune cookie was our very first video, and we've grown so much in just half a year. We're here to show people our love is no different than the love between and man and a woman. We want to share our love with the world, and thanks to YouTube it's all been possible! We are truly blessed for this experience. While most social media icons believe that their social media accounts revolve around them, we firmly believe in growing it and developing it around our audience and its collective lifestyle. We believe in providing the LGBTQ community with an outlet to express themselves while also trying to impact the community around them.

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