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Special Project

Special Project
From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

Joey Feith

Finalist in Education

About Joey Feith

Joey Feith is a 28-year-old physical education teacher from Montreal, Canada. After having graduated from McGill in 2009, despite all of his passion, hard work, and involvement in professional associations as an undergraduate student, Joey found himself unemployed with no potential teaching positions on the horizon. He decided to turn to the Internet to help him continue to learn about his profession. However, he quickly found that most physical education sites did not fully take advantage of the power of social media. So, rather than sit around and complain, he decided to create his own website that put an emphasis on using social media for professional development. Today, helps connect thousands of physical educators from around the world via it's Facebook, Twitter, and blog presence. Joey tirelessly works to find new ways to help PE teachers join the #physed discussion through social media and hopes this nomination will help inspire more to start tweeting! Joey uses social media to help connect physical educators from around the world. Using his blog ( as his main hub, Joey has created a variety of projects/programs to help teachers join in on the online #physed discussion. In 2012, he started #pechat: a bi-monthly Twitter chat on topics voted in by the #physed community and moderated by PE teachers from different continents. In 2013, he founded The #PhysEd Awards: an awards ceremony to recognize PE teachers who dedicate their spare time to online professional content creation. He also has set up projects to show the value of collaboration via social media (crowdsourcing unit plans and PE-friendly playlists, creating the "Lil' Help?" social media-powered advice column for PE teachers) as well as other contests to help teachers discover new platforms through which they can share (e.g. Instagram and Vine during the #PEPics photo challenge). He is also a host on The #PhysEd Podcast, a podcast for #physed teachers.

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