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Special Project

Special Project
From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

Jerome Aceti

Finalist in Gaming

About Jerome Aceti

JeromeASF is a YouTuber who loves providing entertaining Minecraft content geared towards audiences of all ages. He is able to interact with his fans in a way that encourages them to participate in his videos whether it be by playing actively with him on servers he joins or by promoting positive community based conversation in his comment section. At the age of 19 he is easily able to relate to both a younger demographic as well as a more mature age range. Not only this but he goes through extreme lengths to try and find ways to further the gaming community in a positive direction, such as attending events and conventions in London, Washington, California, Boston, Orlando and more in just the past year from his hometown in New Jersey. His goals are simple in that he looks for ways to shed a positive light on gaming and show how it can be an active part of a person's life and give help them enhance life skills including communicating and working with others. Jerome uses social media as a way to showcase new Minecraft related to content to the gaming community in a way that promotes positive discussion. In addition to using YouTube as a primary way of distributing content, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are also used as extensions of his channel. The reason his use is so unique is because it provides a way for his viewers to keep contact with him on multiple levels as well as establish a direct line of communication for when news needs to be dispersed. This differs from most other users as they simply use it as a way to promote their own content instead of as a way to establish a closer relationship with viewers.

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