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Special Project

Special Project
From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

Green Works Charades

Entered in Vine


Our objective was to reposition Green Works as a relevant brand and effective product. Based on research – and further supported by a nationally conducted survey – we determined that most women felt stressed when trying to be green, and we wanted to convince consumers that green could be lighthearted, inclusive and fun. Research identified our target as “digitally savvy mothers who spend lot of time online," so we took a brand that was struggling and turned it around through an innovative "digital pulse" strategy to "always be on" to the consumer with fun, engaging tactics like a game of charades on Vine. We've had great response rates and in the process, have created truly innovative ways of utilizing social platforms for marketing. We're getting our message out, but doing it in a way that is still enjoyable to the consumer. First, we had to find a way to make our brand message part of the conversations she was already having so we could break through the clutter and get her to notice us. Second, we had to connect with her on a frequent basis to remain relevant. We decided to reach her via Vine (one of the first brands to use the social platform as a way to connect with our consumers) with a simple series of videos silently acting our green-oriented phrases, and and then shared them across our social channels. Participants watched the videos and then tweeted their guesses at our Twitter account. We even offered a small prize. Instead of putting on a show and using fancy lingo, we believe “YOU DON’T HAVE TO PUT ON A CHARADE TO BE GREEN." Timed of St. Patrick’s Day, we illustrated this with a Vine-based game of charades that asked consumers to guess the green-related phrase and submit their answers on Twitter for a chance to win a pot of green (cash). We also leveraged a long-standing partner: Environmental Media Association’s Young Hollywood board to have Lance Bass present the first two charades. We had so much fun with St. Patrick’s Day + saw such positive feedback that we decided to launch round two in the fall of 2013. For the autumn-themed (both Halloween and Thanksgiving) pulse of charades, we upped the ante and: • Took the Environmental Media Association Awards by storm using the organization’s board members to give our charades some star power • Julie Bowen, Amy Smart & Carter Oosterhouse, Lance Bass & Jamie Lynn Sigler, Constance Zimmer and James Van der Beek participated • Lance Bass retweeted his charade to his 367K followers • To further drive traffic, we hosted a Twitter Party with Mom Central • More than 1,000 individual Twitter handles participated • The hashtag #gwxcharades was the fifth top trending hashtag in the U.S. on the day of the party Very quickly it became apparent that our message was resonating. Between the two pulses, we: • Achieved over 26 million impressions • Saw 1.93 percent engagement rate • Heard from various partners that it was the most creative use of Vine seen to date

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