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The USA series Graceland is a new kind of drama, so it demands a new kind of Facebook page. For Graceland’s premiere season, GLOW produced eight content themes totaling over 90 delivered sharable content pieces on Facebook. GLOW’s beautifully designed custom content introduced Graceland’s characters, setting, and tone to new fans of the show and existing fans of cast members like Daniel Sunjata and Aaron Tveit. Content themes included: - Character Intros – Basic introductions include character name, color photo, and character’s agency/department - Two Truths One Lie – Cards include character name, B&W photo, two facts about the character, and one fabrication; this forces users to actively consider which is the lie as opposed to passively absorbing information - Character Fact Cards – Include character name, B&W photo, agency/department, and three facts about the character - Quote Cards – Include character name, color photo, agency/department, and a telling, funny, and/or poignant quote from the character - Language of Graceland – Introduces fans to the jargon used on the show (terms like “in deep," “heat run," and “alias") - Photo Hunt – Customized photo hunt game featuring a Graceland snapshot; like the “Two Truths. One Lie." series, photo hunt encourages interaction, not idle scrolling - Graceland Handbook – Tongue-in-cheek campaign juxtaposes standard FBI behavior (“Act high at a drug deal if needed") against Graceland antics (“Act sober at FBI HQ when high if needed") - Big Moments – Screenshots and quotes from dramatic high points on the show. Through the above themes, GLOW informed and interacted with Facebook users and elevated the social presence of the show.GLOW’s 90 content pieces (posted between 5/8 and 9/26) on Facebook achieved remarkable numbers considering that Graceland was a cable series in its first season: - 15,034,958 Reach (unique impressions) from GLOW content (38% of total Reach during this period) - 187,602 People Talking About for GLOW content (48% of total People Talking About during this period) - 180,170 LIKES from GLOW content (49%)  - 7,592 COMMENTS from GLOW content (45%)  - 7,962 SHARES from GLOW content (44%) Graceland Facebook posts with GLOW content achieved a 50% higher engagement rate versus posts without.


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