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Futurama Facebook Page

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In the future, when speech is outlawed by the thought police, people will be forced to communicate solely through likes, shares, and Fry memes. So it only made sense that Futurama would use its Facebook page as its primary point of contact with fans. Luckily, viewers took to it like spacefish to zero gravity, creating a community of followers that enriched the culture of the show far beyond what we could have anticipated and allowing Futurama to share developments and campaigns with an always captive audience.With over 28 million Likes, the Futurama Facebook page has developed a following that would make even the mighty Lrrr envious, were he not too busy conquering worlds to pay attention to our puny human affairs. Indeed, a thousand years from now, when our sentient death-bot overlords uncover this relic from the past, we like to think that they will marvel not only at our preternatural understanding of head-in-jar technology, but also at our ability to energize our fan base via social media. Puniness aside, we were able to create a page that: • Served as the go-to forum for everything "Futurama" during the show's run and beyond, allowing fans to collectively mourn the end of the series and ask "WHY?!" (and "Why not Zoidberg?") by the thousands • Built excitement for the final season with the 50 Day Countdown -- a campaign to post exclusive content every day leading up to the season premiere, including clips, character designs, and episode stills • Regularly shared making-of content, as well as sneak peeks at special guests and events like David X. Cohen's AMA • Promoted new episodes with preview and highlight clips • Hosted -- and continues to host -- contests for fans, including a weekly Alien language decoder giveaway and a chance to win a Bender Halloween costume by sharing your favorite Futurama quote • Coordinated with the Comedy Central tumblr to share the copious number of creations and oddities inspired by Futurama, a collection dubbed Futurama Fanarama • Solicited fan art and questions for the Futurama team to be used on the Futurama Live! pre- and post-shows hosted by Chris Hardwick • Allowed fans to vote for their favorite episodes, the 10 most popular of which were featured on a Futurama Fanarama Marathon on Comedy Central • Features clips and behind-the-scenes content from classic episodes, as well as reminders to tune in to re-airings of those episodes • Ruthlessly hawks a surprisingly wide range of Futurama merch to the hungry masses


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Comedy Central


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