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Special Project

Special Project
From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

BMW 4 Series Un4gettable Weekend

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It’s one thing to say the first-ever BMW 4 Series is Un4gettable. It’s another to prove it. And that’s just what BMW did by rewarding two fans for being among its most active social media fans with their very own 4 Series for the weekend—before it was even available at dealers. For forty-eight Un4gettable hours, they tweeted, Instagrammed, Facebooked and blogged about their experiences with the new 4, spreading the word socially, and in turn, rewarding BMW.The Un4gettable Weekend made a social connection to its fans not just through the typical social channels, but by simply being social—in person, with a brand new car not even available yet at dealers. This was not a contest of any sort — we simply scoured BMW social platforms to reward two fans who were vocal about their passion for BMW, and specifically, the upcoming BMW 4 Series. Our two stars, Nate and Rashed, actively posted BMW photos and messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all over the BMW blogs. By surprising them for the weekend with the first-ever BMW 4 Series before anyone in the country had a chance to drive it, we knew they would not only truly appreciate it, but that they’d share their experiences socially—constantly. Their enthusiasm would market the car for us. Nate posted photos every chance he got, and Rashed ultimately wrote a post roughly eight pages long describing the full experience to a very interested audience. And of course, we filmed the entire event and created content to distribute through BMW’s social channels. In the end, we garnered 4.59 million impressions, 166,000 clicks, 2,401 new followers, and 2 new best friends of the brand. The program was social in every sense of the word.

Strategy and Execution Go to and scroll down to Sept./Aug. 2013 to see all the Un4gettable-related posts.


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