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1milk2sugars PR #SonicRevolution Live Twitter Chat for Clarisonic

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In January 2013, 1milk2sugars PR won the bid to be the Agency of Record for Clarisonic Canada for their Digital PR needs. Clarisonic is a luxury skincare line known for their high end facial and body brushes. 1milk2sugars PR’s objective was to launch a digital campaign to propel a following for the brand online as well as to educate current and prospective customers. 1milk2sugars PR decided to implement a multi-tiered plan coined the #SonicRevolution. The largest aspect of the plan was to launch a series of Live Twitter Chats for the brand. At this time, the Clarisonic handle only had a few hundred followers. Thus the strategy was for the Live Twitter Chats to be hosted by influencers that had large followings and were operating within the beauty domain. We called these influencers the “Sonic Girls". These influencers ensured that a substantial number of Twitter users were being reached. They blogged and tweeted about the product as well as the upcoming chats and did giveaways of Clarisonic products on their blogs. Since April 2013, 1milk2sugars PR has organized 6 chats. 2-3 weeks prior to every Twitter Chat, the promo period began on both the Clarisonic Canada Twitter account as well as on the blogger/influencer’s handle. Our team provided suggested tweets for the influencers and we created an evite which outlined details about the chat, date and time, which was used by all parties involved to help promote online. Our team ensured that the hashtag #SonicRevolution was consistently in the messaging. The actual chat occurred on a select day for 1 hour in the evening, typically on a Wednesday night between 8-9 pm. The day of the chat, there was significant tweeting about the chat, to remind those interested about the upcoming conversation. The actual chat was centered on Clarisonic Canada’s Twitter account, with the host (blogger/influencer) playing a substantial supporting role. Clarisonic Canada would tweet up to 15 pre-plotted questions (and later tweet the corresponding answers through the aid of the Clarisonic Education Team) to create a discussion about Clarisonic. During the chat, the host would also follow Clarisonic Canada’s lead to answer several of the questions and to help the answers go viral. Participants would tweet back their own questions, as well as answers to the posted questions. General feedback was also welcome about Clarisonic and retailing information. At the end of the Chat, a free Clarisonic product was given out. This was promoted prior to the event, and served as a key incentive for the general public. In addition, as the chats progressed, a promotional code was given out after the chat for the general public to get a discount off of a Clarisonic device, should they order one online after the chat. After the chat had concluded, participants were followed from the Clarisonic Twitter account and any existing questions were answered. The overall success of the chats has been immense. Read on below to discover the results that ensued…Through their work with Clarisonic Canada, 1milk2sugars PR has clearly demonstrated their strong ability to come up with a creative, original campaign via Twitter. Their innovative and unique Live Twitter Chats using the hashtag #SonicRevolution have produced over 100 million impressions to date. Over and above the engagement occurring online, tweets are turning into transactions, and there is proof of a drive to retail, which demonstrates a 360 degree strategy. To create this successful Twitter campaign the team at 1milk2sugars PR had to come up with a creative and completely unique campaign name. The hashtag #SonicRevolution is a product of the team’s collaboration with Clarisonic in which their innovative ideas were honed to create a campaign that is entirely original. What happened next was nothing short of amazing... In the very first #SonicRevolution chat held in April 2013 more than 3000 Tweets and 15 million impressions were generated in just 1 hour, 24 million impressions were generated in just 24 hrs, and the chat took up 1% of the entire Twitterverse. Each of these statistics in themselves are huge accomplishments, and one could think they could not be replicated. 1milk2sugars PR has proved that it was not just beginner’s luck. 1milk2sugars PR has found a way to keep the chats popular each and every time. 1milk2sugars PR has hosted 5 more chats, catering every one be as current as possible. To cater to a “Movember" themed chat, 1milk2sugars PR picked up a male influencer to shed light on skincare for men; for Valentine’s Day, they chose to work with an influencer that recently got engaged, and so forth. The most recent #SonicRevolution conversation took place in December and the results truly remain a success. On this occasion, 3 influencers came together and hosted the chat live from The Bay, a newly acquired retail outlet for the brand. On the evening of the chat, just hours before, it was announced that Nelson Mandela had passed away (at which point Twitter was saturated with tweets surrounding his tragic death). The chat still took place and generated 4.3 million impressions and reached 374,000 people. Despite the international news of Mandela’s passing, Clarisonic trended at no. 4 across Canada that evening. From the last results received In December, Clarisonic was the brand with the 4th largest number of online mentions for the month within the entire beauty market, quite a feat for a skincare tool with only a few number of skus. What is also important to cite is that this entire campaign has been done completely organically without any additional budget. Relationships are what play a key part, as well as a genuine interest and love for the Clarisonic brand. When we look at YTD stats, here are some key facts: - Clarisonic is in the top 5 most mentioned brands online in the entire beauty market in all of Canada with a following of less than 2000. - Clarisonic is the most mentioned skincare brand online in the entire beauty market in Canada. - Radian6 reports show Clarisonic is in the top 3 most mentioned brands in the L’Oréal portfolio and the most mentioned skincare brand in the L’Oréal group. - The Radian6 report showed that there was a 395% increase in mentions from from 2012 to 2013 for Clarisonic as a result of our efforts. - Clarisonic takes up 10% of the SOV online within L’Oréal Canada’s beauty brands (a portfolio of over 20 brands , many of which have 10 x the following to that of Clarisonic). - Note this campaign was featured on Yahoo Finance as well as the Wall Street Journal. The #SonicRevolution campaign has clearly done its job in terms of helping Clarisonic to become one of the best brands on Twitter and online. When it comes to creating a successful Twitter campaign, 1milk2sugars PR is clearly a leader amongst PR and Social Media agencies. Their ability to create an original, creative and innovative campaign is matched only by their superior capability to create enormous buzz around a brand generating over 100 million impressions all organically. The team at 1milk2sugars PR have mastered the art of social media strategies, especially when it comes to creating a Twitter campaign with such enormous and successful results. It is therefore no coincidence that this campaign is currently being recognized and nominated by PR Daily’s Social Media Awards for Best Live Twitter Chat. The #SonicRevolution has truly lived up to its name by creating unprecedented brand awareness. In terms of producing a digital campaign, the “Sugars" at 1milk2sugars PR certainly know how to pack a sweet punch.


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