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Finalist in Tumblr Brand Presence, Animated GIFs

About this entry

In response to the popularity of sharing animated GIFs on Tumblr, HBO GIRLS launched a focused Tumblr presence that shares fan-created GIFs from the series in the style of the “What Should We Call Me" Tumblr meme. WSWCG uses the What Should We Call ____ format to include “GIRLS" in each GIF caption, highlighting the relatability of the series GIRLS and the generational tribulations of Tumblr users and the series’ fan base. HBO captions and curates GIRLS GIFs to relate to episodic moments, crediting the original GIF creator. With the launch of the second season of GIRLS, the HBO Social team sought to expand the social presence of the series to emerging platforms. GIFS of GIRLS episodes are uploaded daily to the Tumblr, punctuating situations that are common to the core GIRLS audience, making the series relatable to potential audiences and also highlighting devoted fans’ favorite moments. In curating fan GIFs, the Tumblr is able to decontextualize fans’ favorite moments from the series, and pair bits of the show with relatable, common, real-world conundrums. Tumblr posts vary between generic situations (GIRLS on Valentine’s Day, When GIRLS Have To Write A Thesis, GIRLS Validating Holiday Binge Eating, When GIRLS Prepare For An Interview), viewer reflections (When GIRLS Don’t Get An Episode of GIRLS), pop culture references (When GIRLS Try To Do The Harlem Shake), or show-specific updates (When GIRLS Is Renewed For A Third Season). The WSWCG Tumblr is a brand presence for the series that feels germane to the platform—it is not overtly branded and feels stripped down, organic, and reflects what exists, from a user perspective, on Tumblr already. Where brand presences often obstruct the user’s experience on a platform, the simplicity of the WSWCG Tumblr attracts fans in a way that does not intrude on audiences’ existing social experience. Creating a branded presence that reflects the actual user experience and behavior on a platform is paramount for strategic social marketing. While “real-time marketing" takes over feeds, the WSWCG Tumblr can market in real time and reflect the zeitgeist in a comical and relatable way for fans. Tumblr bloggers who are unfamiliar with the series are still able to relate to the universality of the show’s moments and quotes that the WSWCG Tumblr highlights. After 2 months, the Tumblr has almost 15K followers and has been recognized by industry press outlets such as Mashable and The Huffington Post Comedy and Women verticals.



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