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3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

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From the 5th Annual Shorty Awards

Cigna Go You on Facebook

Entered in Facebook Brand Presence

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Cigna was an unknown brand in the low-interest category of health insurance. We set out to change that by shifting its message away from healthcare clichés to something different: encouraging people to be true to themselves, because nothing is healthier than that. With all media driving to our GO YOU Facebook hub, we prioritized lightweight, engaging content, which ignited a movement of individuals eager to express what makes them one-of-a-kind through our Facebook applications.In the bland, even sick-looking category of health insurance, we launched GO YOU, a bright and powerful campaign intended to inspire people to be true to themselves. GO YOU is more than a tagline; it’s a rallying cry. We developed an integrated campaign meant to provoke individuality and empower people to stand out in a world that wants them to fit in. TV, print, and online advertising drove to our GO YOU hub on Facebook. We turned the typical goal of a Facebook page on its head; rather than bringing fans together to share what they had in common, we created a page where they could talk about what makes them different. Premium Facebook Ads stimulated engagement and helped Cigna build relationships rooted in individuality. At the heart of the campaign was a commitment to social content. From lightweight yet striking “postcards" in fans’ newsfeeds to immersive experiences via Facebook apps, Cigna GO YOU leads the category in content creation, curation, distribution, and engagement. Content highlights include the “FLAWNT" app, which lets users flaunt their flaws with their friends and the “GO YOU" app, which sends inspirational messages from fans to give their friends some encouragement. Plenty of health insurance companies create apps meant to inspire healthy behavior, but Cigna decided to do things differently, creating apps that boost self-esteem and stimulate individuality, human traits that pave the way to overall health. Cigna knew they were outspent the category, so we designed a campaign that would outsmart the competition. With an average engagement rate on Facebook over 6 percent – three times the industry average – many of our more than 600 million total impressions for the brand are earned. Our Facebook content reaches an average of 2 million users per week, peaking at over 9 million. Brand favorability is up 45 percent, brand consideration is up 27 percent, and customer retention and enrollment are up 17 and 33 percent, respectively. Cigna is a great example of how a single, unifying idea can make a brand stand apart, by making it stand for something. In a society that pressures individuals to conform – to one vision of success, to one standard of beauty, to one behavioral norm – people love being recognized as one-of-a-kind. They want to celebrate their individuality, talk about their true selves and get support to stay that way. Cigna gave them a place to do just that: a place where they could be true to themselves. What’s healthier than that?

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