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Bankrate: A Wealth of Knowledge about All Things Personal Finance

Finalist in Financial Services

Entered in Twitter Brand Presence

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You don’t need a sky-high income to be financially secure. Bankrate's down-to-earth tweets help people from all walks of life be smart with their money. After all, personal finance is at the root of all goals in life: Can you afford your dream? How can you map out a plan to get there? If everyone read Bankrate's tweets, we could stave off the next financial crisis. Pre-recession, most people assumed that those with simpler lifestyles were poor, and those with luxurious things were rich. But looks are deceiving. Oftentimes, those who look "lower class" are in fact very well-off, as they live below their means and save. And the fancy types could be spending every last cent of their income and then some, incurring massive unsecured debt. When the dust cleared after the market crumbled, we could really see who the financial winners were -- and who was just leasing their lifestyle to look the part. Bankrate's presence on Twitter is designed to be a source of inspiration and a sense of community for those trying to get their finances in order, especially when society and even a circle of friends are encouraging you to "put it on credit and forget it." It's not easy to get out of debt, finance a college education, save up for a down payment, put some money away for a rainy day, or be disciplined enough to invest today's money for retirement tomorrow. But these are all very important things to many people. So Bankrate offers money management advice on Twitter to help people achieve their goals in life. A little financial literacy for everyone would go a long way. Bankrate's advice and tools help people build lasting financial security for themselves -- one tweet at a time!


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Bankrate, Inc.


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