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Special Project

Special Project
From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

#TeamLA Social Impact Campaign

Gold Honor in User Generated Content

Entered in Multi-Platform Campaign


At UCLA Health, our vision is to heal humankind, one patient at a time. As COVID-19 struck, our patients were scared, and our commnity felt lost. As California's #1 hospital, UCLA took it upon itself to bridge the quarantined communities during an unprecendented lockdown and engaged our communities in the #TeamLA movement.

#TeamLA is a way for all of Los Angeles to rally together and support each other in the fight against this pandemic.

#TeamLA connects us and our actions, even if we have to stand apart. It joins all of our efforts in a common cause; those who have to stay at home, the front-line health care workers, grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, and other essential service providers. It’s a way to see the efforts our fellow Angelenos are making on our behalf, share our efforts, and say thank you.

UCLA Health created a new type of musical therapy through social media that compelled people all over the world to wear a mask, stay physically distant, while feeling connected through dance.

With the UGC Tiktok campaign alone, we generated 749 user participation, 7,096,306 views, and 915,477 user engagements within the one-month campaign period.

In addition

Strategy and Execution

We encouraged our followers and community the use #TeamLA to share the good, the compassionate, and the inspirational things they are doing to help in these uncertain times. We provided social media users a way to show that they're part of the team by using #TeamLA on all your posts.

As part of our User Generated Contentcampaign, we leveraged Tiktok to inspire hope, encourage safety and prevention, and unified citizens of Los Angeles and the world in collective resolve.

We recorded two covid “fight songs” and choreography to share with a select group of influencers, which turned into music videos designed for fans to interact with, using Tiktok's duet function. This strategic set up built a foundation for user-generated content and scaled organic engagement. In less than 1 month, we generated 749 user participation, 2,096,306 views, and 915,477 user engagements within the one-month campaign period.

Further, we continue to repurpose these music videos on our owned Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat and Weibo (combined 500K+ existing followers) channels to maximize engagement with our global audience. This mulitchannel approach resulted in 120 million impressions, 5.3% engagement rate, and 109% increase in NPS.


- 120 million impressions, far exceeding original goal. 

- 5.3% engagement rate, exceeding industry engagement rate benchmark.

- 109% increase in NPS over previous year

- Celebrity & influencer answered our call and lended their generous support, including:



Video for #TeamLA Social Impact Campaign

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UCLA Health


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