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Special Project

Special Project
From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Survivors Have Heart

Finalist in Healthcare & Pharma


Survivors Have Heart is the first and only national community dedicated to connecting and supporting heart attack survivors. 


Every year, over 600,000 Americans survive their first heart attack, becoming a part of the survivor community. Too often, people start recovering and feeling better soon after the event, and they think their heart attack is finally behind them. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, heart attack survivors are at an even higher risk of suffering another heart attack once they’ve had their first. And the road to recovery continues long after a patient leaves the hospital. 


Research showed that social platforms were saturated with pre–heart attack content and general heart health information. But for heart attack survivors, information specific to them was nowhere to be found. Heart attack survivors need better resources and support. That’s why Survivors Have Heart was created. 


With Survivors Have Heart, survivors and their loved ones can find the information and motivation they need to stay survivors.

Strategy and Execution

The approach of the Survivors Have Heart social efforts is to support patients on their journey after a heart attack. It’s a place where survivors and their loved ones can connect, share similar experiences, and learn about living their best lives post–heart attack. 


While the physical attack may fade over time, the emotional attack is far from over. Building back emotional resilience is foundational to heart attack survivors’ and caregivers’ continued engagement in their cardiovascular health. 


Survivors Have Heart is a shared space that unites the community, reminding them that they don’t have to go on this journey alone. And most importantly, it’s a place for heart attack survivors to learn how to trust their hearts again and to heal, both physically and emotionally.


The social posts include:


In the past year, the Survivors Have Heart social campaign saw incredible results: 


It’s clear that heart attack survivors have been longing for a shared space. Every day, new comments are posted where survivors share their stories, love, and support with each other. These comments represent the Survivors Have Heart mission: to build a community of strength and support for heart attack survivors. 


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Patients & Purpose, AstraZeneca, UEG


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