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From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Nick Jr. Pride Flag Carousel

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About this entry

Our goal for Pride month was to create content that would both benefit and represent our parent audience. Diversity and inclusion are core values for Nick Jr., and so in celebration of Pride, we wanted to help parents talk to their kids about the meaning of the rainbow flag.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

By providing information on the history of how the flag came into existence, along with the significance of each color of the flag (including the recent additions of brown and black), we wanted to supply parents with age-appropriate information they could use to teach their pre-schoolers about Pride, and ultimately initiate a conversation about diversity and inclusion. Teaching colors is a core pre-school skill, so this dovetailed nicely with the flag.

We laid out the carousel like this:

Slide 1: Intro noting that this will help you explain the Pride flag to your kid (background is flag colors)

Slide 2: A brief, kid-friendly explanation of the origin of the flag

Slides 3 – 8: Each slide listed the color and one word explaining what the color symbolizes

Slide 9: Short description teaching that black and brown were recently added to represent inclusiveness

Additionally, we repurposed this piece of content for our Nickelodeon kid audience, simply by removing the line “Here’s how to explain the meaning of the rainbow flag to your kid!” on the first slide.


Our Pride Flag carousel crushed all benchmarks. On Instagram, we beat our average Nick Jr. engagements by 865% and our average Nickelodeon engagements by 146%.

And on Facebook, Nick Jr. engagements beat benchmarks by 34,371%!

Perhaps even more importantly, the sentiment of the fan response was overwhelmingly positive. Parents were so grateful to see that not only were we celebrating Pride, but that we had delivered them a useful tool. As an example, one comment we received was: “I am so happy y’all put this post up. I did not know this meaning as to why the LGBT community used the rainbow flags. I have many friends in the community but we never discussed it. I am proud to know now and it was a question my daughter asked and I was so excited to share this news and be informed. Thank you!”


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