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The U.S. Latinx community continues to be a major driver in the economic growth of our nation. Building on its commitment to the Latinx community, TurboTax was looking to empower the Latinx community and increase awareness of TurboTax, its culturally-relevant support content, and the resources available to Latinx tax filers through TurboTax Live.

Together with Havas FORMULATIN and H Code, TurboxTax hoped to leverage social media and create a culturally-relevant social execution that would empower millennial and bicultural/bilingual Latinxs by addressing key barriers such as fear, uncertainty, and doubt and would drive social engagement and consideration during the 2020 tax season, showcasing how TurboTax Live gives Latinxs the tools they need to succeed.

Strategy and Execution

In order to create a turnkey integrated marketing campaign for TurboTax that would resonate with its Latinx audience, we delved deep and leveraged our expertise and proprietary learnings. Community is incredibly important among the Latinx audience, both offline and online: 64% of Latinxs use digital channels like social to stay connected with friends and family and 3 in every 4 Latinxs use social media for a minimum of 3+ hours every week. We knew that building the most effective integrated marketing campaign to meet our objectives would require leveraging social channels and digital communities on social to deliver culturally-relevant content and truly make an impact on this audience. When it comes to culture and language, we also know that for 85% of Latinxs, culture is incredibly important to who they are, and 1 in 3 Latinxs prefer to consume bilingual content when it comes to social and posts from influencers, so using both English and Spanish as a tactic was key for our intended audience segment. 


The #TurboTaxLiveIt campaign—created by Havas FORMULATIN, TurboTax, and H Code—featured well-known Cuban American Influencer Jenny Lorenzo and California-born Mexican-Salvadorian Influencer and comedian Jay Mendoza. It leveraged their social community and following as well as humor and insights to educate the Latinx audience on the impact of life events on their taxes and drive consideration among millennial Latinxs during tax season. #TurboTaxLiveIt included a series of skits focused on the tax filing journeys of our influencers, showcasing in hilarious, light-hearted ways how they would look for the best opportunities to catch tax deductions or credits as they go through their everyday lives and, during tax season, with the helpful support of a TurboTax Live expert. 

The campaign strategically aimed to deflate doubt, build product awareness, and drive brand familiarity and trust by utilizing social to its fullest extent in order to serve and empower Latinx tax filers in 2020. It was amplified and promoted socially on social channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The campaign drove social engagement and sharing within the Latinx audience by increasing social media conversation and buzz about TurboTax by providing audience-centric content. The social content was also amplified and promoted digitally via impactful digital units across Spanish-language and English-language publishers like publisher partner HipLatina in order to reach millennial and bicultural/bilingual Latinxs on all the digital channels they use every day. The #TurboTaxLiveIt campaign successfully and authentically empowered the Latinx community and showcased how TurboTax supports Latinxs with the tools they need to succeed, especially during tax season.


Our primary objective for the #TurboTaxLiveIt campaign was to empower the Latinx community and increase awareness of TurboTax, its culturally-relevant support content, and the resources available to Latinx tax filers through TurboTax Live. We accomplished this by delivering 11,881,033 total impressions, which was 4.1x higher than our campaign goal. 

TurboTax also aimed to leverage social and digital content to drive social engagement and consideration. We succeeded by delivering: 

As for social channels, Instagram drove the best results with an engagement rate of 5.6%, when compared to Facebook at 5.0%. By leveraging insight into the Latinx audience, passion points, and the importance of social, the campaign empowered its audience, driving adoption of TurboTax Live, brand awareness and engagement, and positioning TurboTax as the ideal partner for the Latinx community, especially during tax season.


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H Code Media, Turbo Tax


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