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Special Project

Special Project
From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

MediFind – Your Guide to Finding Better Care, Faster.

Finalist in Artificial Intelligence

Entered in Healthcare & Pharma


When it comes to health, nothing is more valuable than time.

That's why we created ​MediFind,​ the world’s most advanced platform for helping people facing the most difficult health challenges find better care, faster. This includes serious, life-threatening, complex, and rare diseases, which collectively affect billions of people globally. Our goal is to dramatically reduce the amount of time and frustration patients and their families spend finding the right healthcare, so everyone has the best possible chances at the best health outcomes.

If you or a loved one has ever faced a serious medical diagnosis, you'll understand the fear, complexity, and mental paralysis most people encounter. The currently available tools are insufficient for helping people navigate this new world, and this churn results in costly loss of time that can dramatically impact outcomes, and often survival itself.

We're out to change all this, using the power of big data. While most platforms force people to rely on subjective opinions and incomplete, inaccessible, or overly complex data, MediFind has taken a wholly different approach to help anyone seeking to make the best healthcare decisions possible. Say goodbye to endless searches, untrusted resources, and intrusive advertising. 

Strategy and Execution

MediFind is a free and robust platform that helps patients explore symptoms and find experts, second opinions, clinical trials, and the latest research for thousands of diseases. We leverage a proprietary combination of artificial intelligence and medical experts to analyze health information from dozens of disparate data sets, and then translate this information so patients and their families can more easily understand it and take action.

While we cover the full patient journey, a few areas on which we focus include:

Symptom Checker

The first step in getting proper medical treatment is getting correctly diagnosed. With over 10,000 diseases, however, it's nearly impossible for any doctor to effectively recognize the signs and symptoms of each and every disease. The unfortunate reality is that "diagnostic errors are the most common, catastrophic and costly of all medical errors." MediFind’s Symptom Checker is built on powerful artificial intelligence that analyzes symptoms along with medical history and other patient characteristics to provide a list of possible matching conditions, along with general likelihood for each of these results. You can then learn about the condition and locate the best doctors for each condition on, dramatically speeding up the time to correct diagnosis and treatment. Our tool has been professionally validated over many years with several peer-reviewed articles appearing in medical journals. 

Expert Finder

One of the most important steps you can take for your health is finding the best doctor for your specific condition. Until now, people have had to rely on subjective user reviews. Unfortunately, research shows that there is actually no relationship between online ratings and physician quality. MediFind uses a patented approach to identify the global experts who are truly at the forefront of their respective fields and highly relevant to a patient’s specific health condition. Our network includes more than 2.5 million global physicians, and our index is constantly growing to ensure up-to-date results. MediFind also includes a unique first-to-market second opinion tool that allows you to find new doctors to evaluate your condition from a different perspective. Our algorithms identify doctors who are experts in a patient’s condition, but who are likely to have different insights about their care options.

Latest Research and Clinical Trials

There are over 1 million research reports, presentations, and clinical trial results published every year. Medical knowledge is increasing so rapidly today that even experts can’t keep up with every new advance. In fact, it is estimated that the world’s medical knowledge now doubles every 73 days. MediFind helps ensure that you’ll never miss an important new treatment, clinical trial, or research finding that could help you make the best health decisions. We review over 100,000 new pieces of global medical information every month and extract the most important new advances in every condition. Then we simplify the terminology so you can more easily understand and take action on the information.

And we are freely available to any patient, caregiver, or family - no walled gardens here.

The result: ​better care, faster, for everyone.​


We have one simple mission: help patients facing the most difficult health challenges find better care, faster. Ultimately, our goal is to shorten the amount of time it takes for a person facing a health condition to connect to the best care (doctors, treatments, options). This both reduces waste in the healthcare system (many billions of dollars a year in the US alone) and increases the likelihood of improved outcomes in patients themselves. 

We launched on Rare Disease Day (February 29) 2020. Since then, we have seen robust uptake and return rate for MediFind, indicating strong product-market fit. We exceeded 100,000 users in September, just six months post-launch. That's 100,000 patients and family members who are on the path to better healthcare more quickly than they otherwise may have been without MediFind. With the launch of our Symptom Checker in late May, we've already helped over 60,000 people investigate the causes of their symptoms and potentially shorten their time to appropriate medical care. And we just launched a first-to-market tool that helps people find a qualified Second Opinion. These and future features will continue to drive strong growth.

MediFind was selected as a finalist for the Vesalius Innovation Award (by Karger) and a Top 25 Startup (by Sierra Ventures). We have also partnered with numerous prominent advocacy organizations to bring MediFind to their patients, serving as a strong vote of confidence in our platform.


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